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November 15th 2010
Published: April 29th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: Bringing the Warthog from Malawi 28 secs

A new future in Northern Tanzania

After the first very hard 18 months in Arusha, 13 months of which as new parents we have been on a most incredible journey. Little Mr Jamin is now 13 months old and we have learned so much about so many things.

Some of which mean the blog has been quiet for a while as the time demands of a new child and rebuilding a company from nothing, with nothing, have taken all my time and most all my waking hours! There have been a few trips along the way, all for work, that have taken me and us once to some very amazing places.

We currently live at about 1580m, 200 meters above the average height of Arusha in Northern Tanzania, just above a village called Ngaramtoni, the last bus stand on the way out towards Namanga, the Kenyan border outpost. It is always cooler and a little wetter than town, but doesn't suffer the dust storms that blow in from Maasailand in the dry season.... we are on the foothills of Meru and the pictures show the mountain that has so far had snow 12 times that I have seen in 18 months, including Christmas morning.... not bad to live within 400 kms of the equator and still see snow on Christmas morning!

The video is of the Warthog and I making the journey from Lilongwe to Arusha in June 2011, as a much needed set of wheels after the delays of work permits and shipments... it was an awesome drive, just over 28 hours door to door.... with some of the worst dirt Tanzania has to offer and a blown up gearbox within 200kms of home, but once again it made it and has proved sterling ever since.... more reliable than a Toyota 10 years it's junior!

We have taken Benjamin with us nearly everywhere, from the peaks of the Usumbara mountains to the tropical heat of Tanga and Pemba island, where he had his first swim in the ocean and taste of sand. On safari to Ngorongoro , Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Arusha parks and he has even learned to steer a car before he could walk....

It has been an interesting journey, with many an up and down along the way. The job has certainly not turned out to be what it was trumpeted
First SafariFirst SafariFirst Safari

Arusha National Park
to be, there has been none of the support or tools provided to rebuild a broken company, but with a load of work has been transformed and is continuing the transformation to the company it has the potential to be.... just as well the power supply in Tanzania isn't so great, it has enabled me to steer the company away from it's roots of agriculture and the disaster that is Massey Ferguson (AGCO) tractors at the moment and move to power generation, something fortunate the board of directors doesn't understand, so even though they provide no support, at least they just let me get on with it!!

There is another transformation going on now, Benjamin is walking and starting to grasp words, KM has created a wonderful home and is now looking for work that will give her the fulfilment she craves in the professional sense, but there are many changes on the wind and being as we cannot alter the direction of the wind, the sails have had to be adjusted.

I have been on a fair adventure and the outcome has not been possibly what was expected at the outset, but life has a way of doing that, so we roll with the happiness and finally learn to plant our own garden in the sadness....

Who knows from here where the path may lead, shto budet, kak budet, as the Russians say.... what will be, is how it will be or as a great friend puts it..... it is what it is....

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30th April 2012

Wow! Great blog about life in Arusha, TZ
What an amazing read with fantastic photos! You should so write a book...... Such an experience for Jamin to have in his first year of life with two great parents who are certainly showing him the wild side in TZ. Lots of Love Sis xxx

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