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August 1st 2009
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Hello Again!
We're in Lushoto to pick up PCTs who are showing with us to see what to expect of life in the village.Naturally each village has its own personality, but it does give a taste before they are sworn in and settled in their village. Since several of us our hosting, we are all meeting here to do the usual necessities before lunching. Many PCVs have been traveling, visiting with family from home, attending workshops, and working hard so it will be fun to get all caught up.
The rhythm of our village has changed to harvest the carrots which grow big and sweet here. None of those tiny, prewashed and peeled, individually packaged , organically grown babies here. I thought I'd make carotti caki for dessert for our company. Here they only eat them raw or cook them with other veggies.
How can the time be passing so quickly? At the end of this month we will be having our Mid-service conference and dental and medical check ups. Mid-service means just what you think it means...we are half way into our stay in TZ. The time has really passed quickly and we were given an encouraging boost from Jennifer and Dylan's visit. I hope to keep the photos coming. That's all for now. love, Dave & Wendy


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