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Africa » Sudan » North » Atbara February 12th 2012

Did you know some of the oldest pyramids in the world are in Sudan? How about volcanic landscapes, unexcavated tombs and sand swept temples? With the dunes of the Nubian Desert reclaiming archeological sites and petrified forests before your eyes, you soon find yourself on an Indiana Jones adventure, hunting for lost treasures and exploring the final frontier. A frontier of secret chambers and hidden passages. A frontier of lost cities and ancient civilizations. A frontier of national treasures lost in the sands of time. As pyramid after pyramid scatter the sand swept deserts of Sudan, archeological treasures emerge from the dunes like rocks breaking through a powerful tide. With temples half submerged in sand and unexplored tombs rising above the dunes, locals don’t seem to realize their importance. Free to explore, you can’t help but ... read more
Broken Pyramids
Woman In Red
Meroe Pyramids

Africa » Sudan » North » Atbara November 1st 2007

It took us ages to get onto the right road for Atbara. The eventual route was nothing akin to that shown on our maps. In fact a spanking new highway has been recently constructed across the desert more or less in a straight line from a point some 5 miles or so below the ferry crossing. When asking directions everyone was positive in saying “The road is just down there and you turn left”. It was and we did. And it was a superb road, sometimes a little difficult to follow because of sand being blown across. But the views otherwise were great, the colours even better and we made good time to Atbara. Here we were again faced with no bridge but another, similar ferry. It was a long wait and it only took four ... read more
Karima to Atbara
Fellow passenger on Atbara Ferry
Ferry Travellers

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