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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Witsand May 8th 2014

SOP N DOP Sop n Dop aka somewhat inadequately Soup and a Dram Yeah! We went out this evening; for a change; dressed to the nines. Jurie in jeans, me in leggings and a headlamp walked down to our local bowls club for an evening of Sop n Dop. Where else in South Africa or this planet for that matter would you find such bonhomie? All 103 residents of the village gathering on a crisp autumn evening to share soup; home baked bread and a wee drop of wine in pursuit of raising funds for the local bowls club. Although I suspect it was just an excuse to booze up; for affable, amiable, friendly, genial sociability. OK. Poetic license; 102 out of a possible 160 odd people were there. I have been attending for the last ... read more

Eggs and Bacon for breakfast! yippee. What a treat. Once again we packed up camp and loaded onto the truck. The morning we spent on the Panorama Route around Blyde River Canyon. We got off the bus at three different points with anywhere from 30minutes to an hour to explore. And of course souvenir shop. Before arriving at our campsite we stopped off at a mall to use the ATMs and buy water/snacks/alcohol. Then we arrived at Gecko Bushcampers campsite. It felt like Jurassic Park - electric fence surrounding the property. Of course the 8 year old girls with us got electrocuted. A few of us opted in on the night game drive through Kruger Park. And I am so glad we did. It was incredible! Many of the animals are nocturnal, or because of the ... read more
White Rhino
baby hyenas

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George May 6th 2014

It occurred to me when we woke up this morning facing a trip to George Airport that perhaps someone might see that as a trip in the travelblog sense of the word; and that it would be another good practise run before our travels DownUnder kick in again in June. I am really trying to get the hang of matching photographs to the best spots in the narration. I must say it would be so much easier if one could do the whole thing on Publisher and then paste it into the blogpost. It’s back to Singapore and Djakarta time for Lizziluv. Was great having her here for just over a week and we more than usual spent some really quality time together. It’s a 200km schlep to the George Airport but I still say I’d ... read more
George Airport

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Port Alfred May 5th 2014

Molweni Sisi / Buthi Vrijdag en zaterdag ben ik dan eindelijk naar Zuid Afrika gevlogen, geen vertragingen gehad of veel turbulentie. Eigenlijk verliep alles harstikke goed. Gelukkig maar, het is echt een heel lang stuk in het vliegtuig. ‘S nachts heb ik redelijk veel geslapen, alleen ligt het allemaal toch niet zo lekker. Na een vlucht van meer dan 10 uur aangekomen in Johannesburg, en tot mijn verbazing stond Iris ineens achter mij in de rij voor het krijgen van een visum. Zij had wel pech en 3 uur vertraging gehad op het vliegveld van Londen. Samen nog gewacht op het vliegveld van Johannesburg en op ons vliegtuig, waar we ineens ook nog samen in zaten. Jammer dat we er toen pas achter kwamen, Iris zat natuurlijk ergens voorin en ik helemaal achterin. Na een vertraging ... read more
Samen met Iris aangekomen op Port Elizabeth vliegveld
Port Alfred
Onze kamer in Botmill

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Witsand May 4th 2014

Sometimes, even in retirement, the business of life just catches up with you and despite ivy clippings waiting to be added to the compost heap, admin begging attention (any excuse not to do the admin) and windows streaked with snail visiting cards it becomes necessary to push it all aside and go ‘tramping’. Tramping is the New Zealand equivalent for our ‘hiking’, so descriptive, I just love using it. Lizziluv is visiting us from Indonesia for a week and she has been dying to go walking freely, inspecting all creatures, great and small, like only Lizzi can, especially the birds, something pretty much impossible in busy Djakarta. We also have the new Garmin GPS to test out (it seems so different to the old one) before we leave for Aus in June. So we packed a ... read more
St Sebastian Point
Malagas Ferry
Malagas Ferry


Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Middelburg May 2nd 2014

It is May 2, four months since I took my holiday at the end of the school year 2013. Right now, it’s 5 days before national elections and 5 days after Freedom Day which celebrates the country’s first democratic elections twenty years ago when Nelson Mandela was elected president. Back in December, I was in Cape Town during the week following Nelson Mandela’s death. We went to the Robben Island Museum (not out to the island itself) and signed a commemorative book there. There were memorial events all around the country and people wearing T-shirts with Nelson Mandela on them. At our backpackers’ (hostel) dining area we watched the televising of the memorial held in Johannesberg..the one where President Zuma was booed when he got up to speak, where the sign language interpreter was having difficulties, ... read more
Table Mountain with tablecloth
Table Mountain

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Camps Bay May 1st 2014

Well it's been a week. A week of adapting, grounding, and acquainting ourselves with this stunning part of the world. I have to say that out of all the places I've ever been on this planet (so far) this is the first time I've said "I could live here". That being said, I've been in a bit of a bubble here in Camps Bay. Located in the Western Cape, Camps Bay is the Kitsilano of Vancouver, the Rancho Sante Fe of San Diego (adding in of course the beauty of the 12 Apostles and the African flare). It has tourisms and international business person from around the world and it's probably one of the most safest areas for us all to be. Robyn, of Girls4Girls, a naive of South Africa, wanted to ensure everyone had a ... read more
View from our balcony
12 Apostles
Tia Shooting beach side

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng April 30th 2014

I was fortunate enough to get to experience Sun City through work. Maties tennis were playing in a tournament and I had managed to tag on to their tournament. We flew out of Cape Town early on Thursday morning so were in Sun City by lunch time. Im not sure what I was expecting and I'm not sure what I think about the place now. For those who have been to Disney or Vegas then you may be slightly disappointed. While you have to remember your in a 3rd world country you still kind of expect something! As far as I can work out Sun City resort is plotted along one fairly straight road. As you enter in under the Mickey type barriers there is crocodile world. Didn't go there. Then you pass one of the ... read more
monkey fountain at the valley of the waves

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hermanus April 29th 2014

Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa Hermanus is a delightfully pretty seaside town, only an hour and half from Cape Town, which is sandwiched between the very scenic coastline of Walker Bay and a high lofty mountain range, afew kms inland. Regarded by WWF and Greenpeace as being one of the world's best locations to watch Whales, it holds the annual week long Whale Festival at the end of September, which attracts over 150,000 eager Whale watchers. Southern Right Whales, Humpbacks and Bryde Whales are spotted, with the highest number of 198 Whales ever being viewed in ONE day. (Whale watching seasonis from early June to early December each year.) Boat trips will take you out to sea to meet them up close, but cliff top viewing spots are everywhere, allowing you many very good vantage points ... read more
Great White Shark cage diving trips, Hermanus
Wine Tours, Hermanus
Cheetah Safari, near Hermanus

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton April 26th 2014

I was supposed to be flying from Manchester to Charles De Gaulle in Paris, then on to Johannesburg. From there I should leave my flight and get on another, to Victoria Falls! Best laid plans and all that eh? Manchester to Paris - easy! Arrived in Paris and saw there were 2 boarding gates for the flight to Johannesburg so I was a bit confused; all was clear when we were boarding; it was the HUGE A380 2 floored plane that looked too big to move, let alone fly! I sat on the ground floor; was pretty nifty really and quite an experience. However, on arriving at Johannesburg we were almost landed when the pilot aborted the landing; it was not nice! As we shot back up at speed the co-pilot said the pilot would explain ... read more

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