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Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Addo June 26th 2014

After oversleeping horrendously I finally made it to our early morning session! Glad I did make it as we were chopping up cows again for the predator enclosure. I was allowed to chop the leg off one of them so was pretty happy. We fed these chunks of meat to the tigers, white lions, lion cubs and cheetahs all of which were pretty happy to see us with a trailer full of meat! After breakfast I managed to blag my way onto the newbies game drive and saw the lion pride basking in the sun. It was safe to say the others weren't happy with me after that, but they got the opportunity to see them after so hopefully aren't too angry. We relaxed this afternoon and listened to Shane reading us the game of thrones ... read more

Africa » South Africa June 26th 2014

Firstly let me explain who Zulu is. He is the big alpha male lion on the reserve and we ran into him in the bush at sunset when our truck broke down. Today was by far the best so far! We've formed quite fun little group here of me, Sami, Laura, Shanice, dan, tom, Callum, Ella and sometimes George. We tend to eat, go on drives and spend the evenings together. We're a fairly sarcastic group so it's always fun. This was who we were with when we ran into Zulu and later an angry hippo! We started the day as we usually do with manual work, today involved the new group watering plants while me and Callum carted them to the others to plant. Whilst having a discussion on religion, he's quite intelligent so it ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Coffee Bay June 25th 2014

Jaaaa Nederland heeft gewonnen! Wauw dat was wel even spannend zeg, ging het tegen Spanje zo makkelijk! Pizza eten en tegelijk voetbal kijken is toch wel wat lastiger dan ik dacht. Heb toch zeker twee doelpunten gemist, gelukkig bestaat er zoiets als herhaling! Verder was de pizza koud, aangezien we met z’n 14en waren, en waarschijnlijk die van mij buiten de oven heeft gewacht op de rest. Gelukkig maakte het toetje veel goed, een half stukje cheesecake en een half stukje chocoladecake met ijs. Jamjam! Daarna naar het huis van Pien gegaan en daar de verjaardag verder gevierd, totdat de buurvrouw (en medewerkster van Stenden) begon te klagen over geluidsoverlast en we naar school werden gestuurd. Daar heb ik nog de wedstrijd gekeken tussen Spanje en Chili, en toen vond ik het wel prima. Lekker samen ... read more
Duo Penotti!
Dorpstour - Foto met de familie
Dorpstour - Xhosa huisje van binnen

Africa » South Africa June 23rd 2014

We are happy holidaymakers in Hippo a Hollow today. Had a great trip from Joburg up through Mpumalanga with some magnificent views. 3 yrs ago the weather let us down, not today. Blue skies and sun all day. Now enjoying some Pinotage hoping for some hippos to appear. Tomorrow Kruger. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Addo June 23rd 2014

We repaired roads this morning by filling pot holes with rocks and sand - que lots of displays and manly strength. This led to me and Laura chanting "I am man I lift many rocks" On the game drive this afternoon we managed to see the hippo out of water again and 4 giraffe hidden in the trees. We repaired a bridge in the afternoon which basically involved us shovelling sand and "accidentally" throwing it at each other. Booking to go great white shark diving this weekend - going to be crazy, I can't wait!... read more


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng June 22nd 2014

It took a while but we have arrived and it's a beautiful morning in the high veldt. Heading to Soweto later, will add some photos when we return. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Vanderbijlpark June 22nd 2014

We spent Sunday afternoon visiting Soweto, Mandela's house, a great museum, the venue for the 2010 World Cup Final and trying out the local beer. After the student uprising there were many deaths in Soweto. A grizzly time for SA. There is a museum to a young boy who was killed that day, Hector Pieterson. Quite graphic accounts. ... read more

Africa » South Africa June 21st 2014

June 21, 2014 Hello to our family, friends and colleagues. We have arrived in Africa – landed in Johannesburg last night and leave soon for East Africa (Tanzania) tomorrow morning. The Qantas flight from Sydney – although delayed some 3 hours – passed along the edge of Antarctica. The views were amazing – a white patchwork of broken sea ice and icebergs as far as the eye could see. Another world. Well, we are quite jet-lagged , but now bound for Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar in Tanzania. More to follow. Love Craig and Ross... read more

Africa » South Africa June 18th 2014

Today was incredible! I still can't believe I'm here for another 3 and a half weeks, already dreading leaving! This morning we went out into the bush to clear branches from the side of the paths so the safari trucks can get through and large animals have a safe place to walk. While out here we had a close encounter with a herd of elephant who were standing on the roadside (I'll put photos in the album). After we carried on we came across impala playing around the shrubs and best of all two white rhino out in the open! We were so close it was unbelievable. After breakfast we went on a trek through the wilderness filling in gaps in the fences and taking apart snares as so to protect animals. This lead us too ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Siyabuswa June 18th 2014

The photos here are a tour of the people of South Africa, with some thoughts on cross-cultural integration. I have always laughed at Charles Dickens’ absurd characters. I read a few more of his novels last year and discovered that the author was not trying to exaggerate their characteristics. Dickens explained this in his foreword to Martin Chuzzlewit where two English men are duped by American con-men and then helped by another American. He said something like this: that his story is not as much a caricature as it is an exhibitionof the American character--of that side which was the most obtrusive, and the most likely to be seen by such travellers. I think what he meant was this--that against the backdrop of an unfamiliar time or place, people seem so different ... read more
Maria Kwakwa, Agric Science
Mama B
Mapule, principal's assistant--wedding

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