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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point December 22nd 2013

10 Levels of Conflict & Conflict Resolution I expect I will edit this many times over so don't let me say to you this is it. I did write a definitive draft 5 years ago but lost it somewhere... so I'm gonna try to do it again. This is what I've learned in my travels about conflict, war and resolution. I've put it into the levels like the Americans do when we march to world goes. LEVEL 1 : Ideological Struggle- This is where two parties find out that the term lets agree to disagree doesn't work. This is where the polarity begins to widen.... some things that are difficult to accept on either side...- not impossible but it becomes unbearable and leads to tension. LEVEL 2: Ideological Polarity- Where both parties realize that the ... read more

Africa » South Africa » North West December 20th 2013

It’s mid December. By then if you haven't left already, you were about to leave for an annual pilgrimage either to the coast or the bush and for some even an international destination. Either way, Johannesburg is less busy as vehicles are packed, swimming attire, bush clobber or fancy feathers. So where are we going? Nowhere actually. This year is completely different to our normal December holidays. Our eldest son, Jacques is visiting us from Australia, so we are spending Christmas at home. Philip, our youngest son will then also be able to spend Christmas with us as he usually house sits for us when we go away. Mom is still with us, recuperating from her back operation of three months ago. This will be her first Christmas at one of her children's homes, although she ... read more
Another great African sunset
Green after rain
Wary giraffe

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town December 12th 2013

8th – 12thDecember Well, unheard of, but the weather window kept opening up instead of getting smaller, and we actually managed to get all the way from Durban to Cape Town in 5 days!!!! On the second day out we found the Agulhas current and were doing 10 – 12 kts most of the time. In fact, we recorded our fastest passage ever – we did 242nm in 24hrs. We were flying. AND, then because we stayed out wider and most boats went closer inshore, we stayed in the current for so much longer than them (a good 12hrs) and ended up catching up to them around the bottom of SA. Boomerang were over 42nm ahead of us at one stage, and we ended up ahead of them (for a very short time) until they came ... read more
Finally leaving
Following the ship
Found the current

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Siyabuswa December 6th 2013

Most photos are from my school in Kameelpoort (Molapoamogale) which is a small village. Sele School has 190 students in Gr 7-12. George's and Eva's schools are Gr 7-9 and much bigger. Eva's is in a densely populated region around our shopping village. The difference in size, location, and the personality of the principal makes our school situations different in some ways. But then they all face the same difficulties. For now, just take a look at photos and captions.... read more
Eva in Gr 9 English
George's School
My School, Sele Secondary

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Siyabuswa December 6th 2013

My village is Kameelpoort, about 18 km from KwaMhlanga my shopping village. From KwaMhlanga it is about an hour's drive to Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. Enjoy the photos and captions.... read more
How to stay cool!
Aprons for sale in KwaMhlanga


Africa » South Africa » Free State » Ficksburg November 29th 2013

So what is a Bush babe? Not the cute, furry primate you find in the bush climbing up trees, although there are many cute babes in our group of all ages, the youngest being 6 months old – it might take a while for her to get her drivers licence, though! You could possibly find us wearing fur too (feaux fur of course, because we are all animal lovers!). What's more, we do go to the bush as well as many other places, doing our own form of climbing in 4x4's on off road trails, testing our skills. But that's not all we do. We try out new adventures, pumping natural adrenalin through our bodies while amongst other things, going abseiling, scuba diving, sand boarding and swimming with dolphins. Another priority of ours is to be ... read more
Painted? No, real photograph!
Mini Serengeti
Our motorized steeds

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Barberton November 27th 2013

I attended two functions outside of my village; invited by Jane (Ouma) Aphane, a 22-yr old who likes to visit with me (and likes to eat my food!). In both cases I never really know what to expect. As hard as I try to pin Jane down on how long I will be gone, or how we will travel, I can't get a straight answer. The first was an initiation ceremony for a 16 yr old girl cousin of Jane’s. Jane was already at the girl’s home helping with the preparations, so I travelled from Kameelpoort to Mashiding with two of her friends. We hitch-hiked and caught two taxis to go maybe 40 miles in over 2 hours. So, I guess Jane had arranged transport as she’d said.. .she had told her friends to take me ... read more
Initiation gift
Women dancing at Initiation

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Barberton November 27th 2013

Enjoy the photos and captions.... read more
John Dougherty, PCV
Hannah and Eva

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg November 26th 2013

Africa. A contenent as diverse as it is expansive. The word Africa ignites the imagination into expanses of open land, wild animals, beads, grass huts, and the opening song from the Lion King. While there are areas like this, maybe without the theme song, there are also major metropolitan cities, cars, roads, people making money from oil, children fighting gurilla wars, construction, people starving, innovation, malls, tradition, universities, mining, fossils of human origin, music, and so much more. An unknowable truth till it is experienced, Africa is a place everyone should go to once in their life, or at least thats something I've always believed. South Africa is a destination of dreams for many in other Sub-Saharan African countries. The hope of work/ an ability to provide for their families, city luxuries (technology, plumbing, food, clean-ish ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Phalaborwa November 26th 2013

Letztes mal war es März als ich einen Blog-Eintrag gemacht habe… es ist viele zu viel passiert um das alles aufzuschreiben. Arbeite seit Mitte März bei Out in Africa Horseback Safaris (Pressebilder sind von mir fotografiert) und habe im November nach mehrmonatigem Papierkrieg, viel Geld (alles offiziell nur um das klar zu stellen) und einigen fast Nervenzusammenbrüchen - ein 5 jährigen Arbeitsvisum für Südafrika gekriegt! Dazwischen immer wieder kurze Ausflüge nach Swaziland oder Botswana oder in den Krueger N.P. unternommen Momentan bin ich fuer 2 Wochen in der Schweiz und am 28.11. fliege ich in den afrikanischen Sommer zurück! Wie länger man weg ist aus der Schweiz um so schwieriger ist es sich hier wieder richtig wohl zu fühlen… Danke an meine Familie und Freunde - dass ih... read more

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