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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope March 14th 2014

Monday March 10. Most big cities we have visited have a Hop on Hop off double decker bus and I am here to tell you that we LOVE checking out cities on these buses. We have been on a few now and they are such a great way to see the sights that the particular city boasts as their best! Very touristy for sure, but the beauty of the bus is that you can take the bus tour, and just like the name says, if you find something you would like to explore further, you can jump off the bus, go exploring and then jump back on the next bus that stops, or the next, or the next. Also there is typically some sort of tour guide. Sometimes a live person, but here it was an ... read more
Africa Moonie touring us through the Township
They call these walkie talkies (I call them disgusting)
the township of Imizano Yetho

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo March 14th 2014

Johannesburg, RSA. After a 15 hr flight we landed uneventfully in Joburg! Good to be here. All bags customs.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg March 14th 2014

Johannesburg, RSA (March 14, 2014) We've all arrived safely in Joburg, and gathered up our luggage, cleared immigration and customs, exchanged money and met Barbi Moore at the airport. We're staying the night at the City Lodge - not the one at the airport but a newer one just a couple of miles away. A Megabus picked us and our luggage up and now we're paired up and settling in to the hotel. Dinner tonight in about one hour, then we'll all crash I'm sure. We get up early for breakfast tomorrow and head out in vans to the George Hotel in Manzini, Swaziland. The trip was long and tedious, but uneventful. Its impressive how they are able to fill every seat in the plane these days. We arrived about 20 minutes ahead of schedule - ... read more
Waiting for DAL 200
How fast are we going?

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Howick March 13th 2014

Howick, Midmar Nature Reserve to Ballito Bay (146 km or 90 miles), Thursday, March 13th. Left the campground and went back up highway 103 to the Nelson Mandela capture site to look at the museum there. The museum consisted entirely of large photos blown up with writings and sayings on them, hung along the walls. The photos detailed his youth, his family, his education, and other aspects of his life. After walking through the museum, we looked at the craft shops where the women were doing pictures out of beads and some other craft work. Valerie took pictures of the very interesting large, imposing, metal sculpture that stands in the front entrance by the road. It is a picture of Mandela’s face behind bars, but you only see his face in the work if you stand ... read more
1403-240 Mandela Capture Site Museum-B
1403-241 Mandela Capture Site Museum-C
1403-242 Mandela Capture Site Museum-D

Africa » South Africa » Free State March 12th 2014

Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Glen Reenen Rest Camp to Howick (266 km or 165 miles), Wednesday, March 12th. This clear blue morning we started out driving the Blesbok Loop where we encountered many long tailed Widowbirds and watched them fly around and then into the long grass. It is hard to see how they can possibly fly with so long a tail--almost twice the length of the bird. We saw two different kinds this day: the Long-tailed Widowbird and the Red-collared Widowbird. At the first junction, we turned towards the Langtoon Dam, but very shortly the water was crossing the road and we couldn’t tell how deep it was, so we backed up and continued up the hill to the Zuluhoak Lookout. Very pretty view of the red/cream mountains across the way. Finished driving the ... read more
1403-214 Golden Gate Highlands Park--Blesbok Loop scenery-A
1403-215 Golden Gate Highlands Park--Blesbok Loop scenery-B
1403-216 Golden Gate Highlands Park--Yellow canary enjoying grain


So after our long long week of theatre lists, 26hr on calls and various illnesses and ailments we were done...finally a couple of days off to explore South Africa. On Alan's recommendation we were going to head to the Pilanesberg National Park rather than Kruger (a 2.5 hour drive rather than 9!) which was the 3rd largest game park in South Africa and around 50, and still had the spread of a Big 5 animals we were hoping to see. On a budget and hoping to catch a glimpse of bear-grills-esque living we packed tent, chairs, sleeping bags and monopoly deal into our premier game ranging vehicle (the Atos!!) and set off for the Pilanesberg. We managed to avoid taking a table, lighting system, BBQ grill and kitchen sink (!) despite Alan's best efforts to set ... read more
The Bakgatla Gate
Almost forgot our park ranger outfits!
Our first spot

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hout Bay March 10th 2014

We've been here a week already!!!! My how time flies when you are having fun! We have been in Cape Town a week now and it has been a week filled with new sights, new smells, new people and new adventures! Friday March 07 Today was the day we decided to check out how we were getting to Jo'burg. We left the flat at about 10 am and went straight to the train station. I had researched transportation at home before we left and found a tourist class train called the Shoslalosha train that sounded like it was the way to go. I attempted to book our seats on line and the site wouldn't let me. No problem I thought!! Once we were in Cape Town we could book it right? Easier said than done!!! Got ... read more
The living room in our flat.
The National flower....Protea
Yes we do!!

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Pretoria March 10th 2014

The last few days of my stay in Kenya I spent in Niarobi. The first day I visited kibera which is a slum just on the outskirts of Nirobi town. I could only view it from a distance because I'm told it's not advisable to enter without a guide and I hadn't got time to arrange one. The sites of the slums even from a distance were a shock. Their homes, the overcrowding, the rubbish and the smell was discussing. Really hard to imagine living in such squalor. The following day, I've visited an elephant sanctuary set within Niarobi national park. I managed to find a motorbike taxi who took me. Asking each rider for a price to take me ranged from Sh5000 £35 to my eventual acceptance of Sh500 £3.50. It's approximately 20 mins from ... read more
Kibera Slums
Kibera Slums
Elephant sanctuary

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Bloemfontein March 10th 2014

Mountain Zebra National Park to Gariep Dam (245 km or 152 miles), Sunday afternoon, March 9th. Left the Park behind and traveled on N-10/R32 named the Merino route for the breed of sheep raised in this area. The countryside in this part of South Africa seems very arid and reminds us of Utah, Montana, and Arizona with lots of butte type formations. Lots of sheep and cattle ranches. Seems strange to look out among the cattle and see an ostrich or two. Lots of construction along this route. We were fascinated to watch the women personing the “right of way” haul a yellow plastic barrier on wheels back and forth across the lane to be stopped. About 200 km into the day’s drive, near the town of Colesburg, we came to an Engen One Stop with ... read more
1403-171 Rocks carefully laid to shut down already paved road
1403-172 Wyoming or Montana perhaps
1403-173 Or maybe Nevada

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Gordon's Bay March 9th 2014

An interesting week! Wednesday we met up with some "Scotiabankers" in Cape Town. Debra worked with Chris and Jan Little and they are touring South Africa. We had a nice dinner with them at the Victoria and Albert waterfront. In advance of meeting up with Chris and Jan, we took a 2 hour tour of the Cape Town Heart Museum at the Groote Shur Hospital (it means Big Barn and was a farm owned by Cecil Rhodes who gave it to Cape Town to build a new hospital). Dr. Christian Barnard conducted the 1st human heart transplant in 1967. This was very interesting and informative tour of an amazing event that took place 47 years ago. The tour and presentations were very well done and included a re-creation of the operating theatres in which the transplant ... read more
Operating Room -- 1st heart transplant
The Heart recipient
Arabella Golf Course

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