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Two fantastic days in Kruger National Park staying at Tinga and Narina Lodge. Our group was split between the two lodges and we stayed at Narina. From the time we arrived it was fantastic. We were greeted with a refreshing towel and iced tea and shown our room. Each room is separated by a boardwalk and it is easy to feel that you are the only ones there. Each room has a balcony , splash pool and outdoor shower as well as an indoor bathroom, bed, lounge and all the usual facilities. No matter where you are, you can see the scenery outside. We were collected for the first game drive, six to a vehicle and introduced to our driver Alfred and spotter Lucas. Took a while to see our first animals, but as the drive ... read more
Baby elephant walk
Lioness and cubs

Eggs and Bacon for breakfast! yippee. What a treat. Once again we packed up camp and loaded onto the truck. The morning we spent on the Panorama Route around Blyde River Canyon. We got off the bus at three different points with anywhere from 30minutes to an hour to explore. And of course souvenir shop. Before arriving at our campsite we stopped off at a mall to use the ATMs and buy water/snacks/alcohol. Then we arrived at Gecko Bushcampers campsite. It felt like Jurassic Park - electric fence surrounding the property. Of course the 8 year old girls with us got electrocuted. A few of us opted in on the night game drive through Kruger Park. And I am so glad we did. It was incredible! Many of the animals are nocturnal, or because of the ... read more
White Rhino
baby hyenas

After a long day of travel from Cape Town, we arrived in Nelspruit around 9 oclock at night, all of us completely drained from the busy week that preceded and not fully recovered from the mix of beer and colored rice powders ingested at the HoliOne Festival the night before our departure. I’m convinced this rice powder (though advertised as completely organic and harmless) gave us all colds as we spent the next several days sneezing and coughing as a quartet. Despite this, we were all excited to be back in the bush and to spend some more time observing the African wildlife. Though the safaris in the Okavango and the Chobe were incredible, there’s still more to see… a lot more to see. The owner of the homely hostel we stayed at in Nelspruit would ... read more
Water buffaloes cooling off with a swim and drink
Blyde Canyon and the Three Rondevals
Bourke's Luck Potholes Falls

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park February 20th 2014

We drove into Punda Maria camp and missed the sign that said no caravans so drove right up to the reception, realised there was nowhere to turn round so had to keep going into the staff quarters to do a three point turn. I guess a little more practice would be useful. Back down in the camp site and we found a lovely level patch right on the fence with tall trees overhead ideal for bush babies and owls, this was supposed to be a top birding spot. We set up camp quickly, we do the whole lot in under half an hour now, and went out for an evening drive. Ten minutes into the loop and it started to rain lightly, thinking it wouldn't be much we kept on going hoping it would stop. About ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park February 19th 2014

Next stop was Tsendze bush camp. This was about as different as it was possible to get from Crocodile Bridge. The camp is away from the main Mopani Camp and is only for campers. There is no electricity, shop, pool or restaurant but there is lovely individual sites hidden in the bush, peace and quiet, lovely ablutions complete with an outdoor shower which was much nicer than trying to shower in the dark with all the spiders and mozzies as we normally do. There was a decent kitchen with hot water and solar lighting. And to top it all the game ranger in charge came round to chat to us, show us where the paradise flycatcher has her nest and to show us his photos of a nightjar he had just taken and chat in general ... read more


Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park February 16th 2014

Our next destination was Satara so we stopped of at tshokwane picnic spot on the way up and ordered the pie and chips insisting the gravy be served separately. Last time we were here the gravy was dollopped on top like a little mountain as it was so thick, disgusting even for me and too thick for the normal South African gravy also. We drove along the road over what appeared to be a generous coating of elephant dung, so much so that there had to be a large herd somewhere and eventually we found it, fortunately far enough away to watch comfortably, we counted 77 including lots of very young ones. Satara campsite was as nice as ever and we managed to get a quiet spot on the fence. They are upgrading the restaurant so ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park February 15th 2014

With no problems from the Swaziland roads and getting through both borders in about ten minutes we were very soon picking up supplies from the Komatipoort Spar before entering Kruger Park.First stop was going to be Crocodile Bridge which has always been one of our favourite camps as it has always been small and quiet.Not so any mo... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park January 19th 2014

We had one more game drive before we left Timbavarti. We had another great ride seeing so manny more animals. We saw more Elephants and Giraffes. After the drive we went to Kruger park! It took awhile to get there. But it was gorgeous there. We hadn't had are lunch so Arthur tolled us to order are food right away before we go to are room. There were girls that took are bags to the rooms! We then went to get are lunch it was really good. After lunch I went summing and then played soccer with Sam, Aidan, Pipa and Stuart. Five person monkey in the middle. We had an optional game drive in the later afternoon but no one went on the drive. We all stayed at the hotel watching soccer or doing other ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 18th 2013

We spent 3 nights in Kruger National Park. Two nights at Pretoriuskop ( and one night at Crocodile Bridge ( The camps are fantastic! Everything was reasonably priced and we had fun making our own food and enjoying the area. Our time in Kruger was amazing. We saw so many things that were beyond beautiful! Here's a list of animals we know we saw: Wild dog Lion Zebra Sidestriped jackal Leopard African wildcat Buffalo Large-spotted genet Giraffe Vervet monkey White rhinoceros Warthog Elephant Hippopotamus Kudu Blue wildebeest l... read more
Sunset on a "sunset" drive!

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 19th 2013

Simbavati river camp Weather has turned a bit cold and windy especially for the 6amsafari start. Usually much warmer when heading out again at 4. Animals are here but seem to be widely dispersed, unlike Tanzania where they were in huge groups. Wildfires within park are probably partly to blame as well as extremely dry conditions and lack of water ( river is completely dry with only a few water holes.) Two more days here with Steve, Suzanne, Don and Holly. everyone is doing well. Monday we return to Joberg for a couple of days before returning home. Kango cave pictures included Seems like it has gone fast.... read more

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