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Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech February 27th 2014

I'm loathe to admit it, but I must be only moderately attractive because he obviously wasn't aroused when he showed me his ... you know ... stuff. OK, raise your hand if you've ever found yourself sitting naked except for your Hanes' boxer underwear on a hot, wet, polished cement floor, surrounded by men, young and old, who speak only Arabic. Then one well-proportioned young fellow looks directly at you, right at YOU, and discretely lowers the band of his shorts displaying his junk with a come hither look. But seriously, this was the admittedly surreal vision in front of me as I sat in a traditional Moroccan "Hammam" (Public Bath) within the Souk of Marrakech. Let's move on, we can come back to this later. ....................................…. A Day's Journey Our day began bright and clear, ... read more
Playing in Ifrane
Just another Canadian in Morocco...
Congestion in Jemaa el-Fnaa Square…

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Fes February 26th 2014

There is mystery and music and intrigue for me in the names Fez and Marrakech. They sound exotic and foreign and romantic. Maybe even a touch dangerous or threatening. I feel some excitement at the thought of seeing, feeling, hearing, even tasting the experience of locales that have only been names until now. Both of these Moroccan cities have been immortalized in popular songs of my era: "The Fez" by Steely Dan in the 1970's which is actually using fez as a slang term for condom, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash 1969 song "Marrakech Express", written by Graham Nash after a 1966 train ride from Casabla... read more
YEP, I got my Fez on in Fez!!
An Overview of Part of Fez
Ancient Gateway to University in Fez

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca February 23rd 2014

The Moroccan policeman has a smile on his face that looks pasted-on friendly but it's pretty clear to us all that there's serious intent as he reaches forward and touches my arm over and over. Even our ever-smiling guide Redouane ("Red-One") has lost the happy light in his eyes. But that's not important just yet ... let's go back just a bit. ................................ RABAT, Morocco It's like a symphony performed with the lights turned out. The sounds float on the cool pre-dawn air into our hotel room through the window left open to allow fresh air that won't come from the non-functioning A/C unit. First, the sweetly lyrical but haunting chant crying out through the loudspeaker that calls the Muslim faithful to the first of their 5 times daily prayer. Then a... read more
As Time Goes By...
Local Casablanca Woman in Hijab
Night Flight Leaves Dallas for Madrid

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen February 7th 2014

Chefchaouen (hereafter referred to as Chef' as I'm tired of writing it in full. That AOUE thing is a chore somehow) is located on a Rif Mountainside about 4 hours drive North from Fes. You can take a bus for 70 Dh from Fes or you can opt for a driver if you plan to stop along the way. In that case you will pay 800 Dh. Our driver was a Berber from the Sahara who had swapped his camel for an old Mercedes 240D. Morocco is not what we expected. It is as green as Ireland and as fecund as Vietnam. Vast fields of food crops tended to by men, donkeys and dogs. Beautiful rolling hills covered in fuzzy, silver-green olive trees. People along the road man large produce stands that hold the largest strawberries ... read more
Karlie, Abbie, KJ and 'Funami'
Blue Arch
Reda, Mike, Santana and Karlie


Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Fes February 3rd 2014

Financially bloodied but unbowed we slipped out of Germany via RyanAir. For those of you unfamiliar with this airline it is the European equivalent of the US based carrier; Spirit Air, in that they have great teaser rates to get you on-board their planes and then nickle-dime you to death on every little thing like overweight luggage and too large carry-ons and half a can of Coke for $3.50 and on and on and on. Karen and I have always traveled light so we were unphased by Ryans' profit making machinery. Others aboard our flight were not so lucky. Ryan uses the Frankfurt/ Hahn airport which sounds like it's in Frankfurt but, in fact, it is a 2-hour drive West of the city proper. There are buses running to the airport from all major train stations ... read more
Karen Arrives In Africa
And The Winner Is....
Fountain In Courtyard Of Our Riad

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir February 2nd 2014

Morocco’s an incredible study in contrasts, from language to landscape and everything in-between. Though we were only there for a week, we got a chance to do a bit of exploring, seeing some of nearby Agadir — which included spending time at its souk, the third-largest in North Africa. We also enjoyed several excursions to Tagazhout, a favourite spot with surfers, which included having an authentic tagine with chicken, merguez, roasted vegetables and real couscous — not the kind that comes from a cardboard box as you’d typically find in Canada. With bright bold colours, friendly locals, tasty food, and an off-the-beaten-path kind of vibe, Morocco's the kind of place that calls for more than one visit.... read more

Africa » Morocco January 31st 2014

We all shine in nature. It is our rawest form. When I returned to Marrakesh I still had about 10 days left of my trip and didn't want to finish it in the city. Waves (and women) were my highest priority but since it was a waveless time of year (and since most women were Moslem) I opted for the mountains. Boris and me went on an Atlas Adventure. Immediately I noticed that it cooled off. We went to a restaurant that night that was also someones home. We were invited in and sat on pillowed beds watching TV. When our meals came out they were again flavored to perfection. Tender strips of chicken drenched in juicy peppered sauce. Carrots, peas and fresh broccoli. We were treated like touring royalty. There were many lambs around and ... read more
Epic Waves
Me n the Commie!
Old City Essaouira

Africa » Morocco January 27th 2014

Time to delve harder into the heat! It was near 40 degrees celsius / 100 fahrenheit in Marrakesh alone but I wanted to see the desert and sandy hills and to be honest I like the heat. I dreamed of oases and camels and lovely hidden dancing maidens. Marrakesh was a good start point to know the Moroccans. The hospitality was great. As in if they knew you a little bit you could pretty much just pay what you wanted (at my hostel). Be cool and everything was halal! The call to prayer chants would come at dawn and at dusk and they were beautiful. I mean the dusk ones were; at dawn I wanted to throw a sandal at the chanter. I found the tour I liked best and booked it. Then my posse joined. ... read more
Desert Beauty
Camel Caravan
Long Sands

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Ouarzazate January 25th 2014

Sidi Ifni rested quietly at the coast. The town had its own airport in the middle of the city. One day a week there is a big market on the runway. Close by the sea the menu was traditional Morrocan tajine with fish. And we had nice tajine served in the nearby hotel at a price of 45 DH, approx 4€. The cost of living is next to nothing for europeans. And the further south we have been, the cheaper. The people outside of the tourist areas are even more friendly. They help you with anything you ask. We try to use their services for all our needs, and in that way support the locals. Our tour along the coast to Aglou past Milfest is a area where they collect honey, with the locals selling honey ... read more
West Sahara
West Sahara
West Sahara

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