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Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech January 30th 2013

26 janvier 2013, Marrakech et Essaouira Salam! Notre arrivée à Marrakech a été légèrement perturbée par la température, pluvieuse et trop venteuse pour atterrir à Marrakech. Après deux tentatives d’atterrissage avortée (je crois qu’à la troisième j’aurais fait comme d’autres voyageurs, soit de vomir), ils ont décidé d’aller se poser à Agadir, à 4h d’autobus de Marrakech. Trois autres avions ont fait de même. Une fois atterris, nous avons été témoins de ce que devient l’être humain menacé de ne pas rentrer chez lui : un bordel infernal pour entrer dans les autobus, se ruant sur les portes, se poussant, se tirant, se criant des bêtises. Une démonstration de savoir-vivre humain à faire rire n’importe quel singe. Il faut dire que la pauvre petite dame qui a hérité de se bordel a mal organisé l’évènement. Au ... read more
Musiciens dans les souks, Marrakech

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Sefrou January 30th 2013

January 29-30, 2013: Exciting new places -the dar chebab and souk! Tuesday morning language class - - numbers and telling time. UGH!!! How on earth can we fit any more language in our heads in this short amount of time!?!?! Okay, here we go (“yell-la” is let’s go). The number three is phonetically tul-let-tah, and for the time 3 o’clock, you just say the same word with the first letter stressed, so tttul-let-tah. Really?!?! It is almost like breathing much harder to stress the letter… and as a bonus, doing it makes our heads go forward. So not only do we sound completely crazy, we look crazy too!!! You try it and you will see… there is no “cool” way to practice this language. You WILL look funny and sound the same!!! Also on Tuesday, Clay ... read more
We know who rules the roost... HAMZA!!!
A motley crew indeed!
She is just awesome... a wonderful picture.

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Sefrou January 28th 2013

January 27-28, 2013 To the Marjane, the Public Bath and more! As we tackle a new language in a completely foreign culture, it is a welcome escape to enjoy some comic relief. Sunday was one such day. Sunday was field trip day. You may ask yourself, “Self… do these youngsters have any day off at all?” The answer is a big, fat, resounding NO!!! The field trip, however, provided a great cultural experience and was really fun. So, although it may not have been a day off per se, it did provide a much needed break from classes. And besides, we have been waiting to do some foreign store exploring after all!!! Our excursion began with a nice stroll to the local bus station, which is conveniently located at the end of our street. When we ... read more
Ann after a trip to the hammam... and snack prepared by Clay.

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Sefrou January 27th 2013

January 24-26, 2013 In all sincerity, there are no adequate words to describe the past few days. The word “immersion” is less than the tip of the iceberg. We are living in a house (dar) with our host family and we do not speak each others languages. The family consists of Mom, Dad, eldest daughter, who has a baby less than one year old, a 16 year old daughter (engaged to a police-man and a rare female who is an awesome horse rider/handler) and 12 year old son (smart as a whip!). We have been welcomed into their home with warmth and generosity. We are treated like guests. Clay and the 12 year old have become the best of chums (is anyone surprised?) and Ann has taken to the girls, as well as the baby (now, ... read more
Looks like a grown up Tuk-Tuk
This dog caught a rabbit!!!  Yummo!!!

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat January 23rd 2013

January 21-23, 2013 We hope you enjoyed the photos from Rabat -- we sure enjoyed sharing them! (And taking them too!!!) We have to say that training (except for the sitting down for a long time part) is really comprehensive and useful, and appropriately entertaining. We really look forward to mealtimes at the hotel and we hope that we do not appear to be getting any more robust in our photos. LOL! What can we say about the thought of moving into a village where we are complete strangers in every possible way, but hope not only to be accepted, but have people desire to be around and learn from us? (And of course, us from them.) Let us add to that thought, the fact that we presently cannot communicate at all with those we hope ... read more
The food is always tasty and interesting!
Jennan and Tarah... the coolest!!!
Ann's weird note script...


Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat January 20th 2013

January 19-20, 2013 The 19th was raining, windy and super cold and we had school. BUT, we have some great pictures for Sunday, the 20th! Make sure to look at them, because they really capture the awesome flavor of Rabat. The main differences between our trip to Central America and now are: (1) it is cold; (2) the women are very conservatively dressed; (3) and this is a big one, we cannot communicate, not even slightly; (4) eye contact is not popular; and (5) the food is Moroccan. We headed out for the sights with a group of people with like-minded ideas. When all was said and done, we walked about 5.5 miles today. We saw many people, the Atlantic Ocean, a huge cemetery, shops, stalls, the Kasbah, the river, and an 11th century mosque. We ... read more
There is beautiful tile work everywhere!
A market in Rabat.
The final resting place of His Royal Highness King Mohammed V

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat January 19th 2013

January 17-18, 2013 Moroccan CRASH COURSE like none other We are presently in “school” and hope to have more entertaining stories when we get to our work “site” so hang in there… it will get more exciting we promise! As a reminder, we would really appreciate everyone considering “subscribing” to our blog. We assure you that no spam or unsolicited emails will result from the subscription. If you subscribe, you will only receive an email when we update our blog, but it lets us know who is following our progress and that is extremely comforting at times (they say we will need some comforting during frustrating times and we believe it!). We so thank you for your support in following. Can you remember times when you really just wanted to sleep, but you had way too ... read more
The lobby of the Hotel ******
Our typical breakfast.  Eggs, olives cheese, crepes, jam and bread.

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat January 16th 2013

January 15-16, 2013 2 days melt into 1 as we cross the ocean… We have arrived in the fabulous Kingdom of Morocco!!! So there we were, sitting and watching approximately 100 people in the lobby of the Holiday Inn trying to load two years’ worth of luggage on three buses… We must admit that the sight was interesting and it was delightful to watch the humorous mayhem. Group leaders were selected yesterday to organize the endeavor and collect money for tips. One of the female Peace Corp Volunteers (PCV’s) asked Clay if he was good at fixing “knots” and then asked Ann if she minded if Clay rubbed out her “knot.” Now, don’t think anything too much about it, she actually DID have a crick in her neck. Once seated on the bus, we were given ... read more
Our new friends and future PCVs
Boarding the bus to JFK
Ann staking out a seat!

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat January 7th 2013

After a smooth train journey to Rabat we checked in to the Pietri Hotel in the centre of the business district. It wasn't exactly cheap but then again we couldn't find any alternatives that were an awful lot cheaper and it was the same hotel where our friend, Linda, was staying. The room was very comfortable and, no sooner had we checked in than there was a knock at the door and Linda was there with some pizza for lunch! She had to go to work though but we made arrangements to meet later. We spent the afternoon wandering around town and were amazed by the modern trams which grace the streets now. They were not there on our last visit. From some of the information posters we saw there are some very grand plans afoot. ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » El Jadida January 4th 2013

The best laid plans and all that! Our intention had been to head South from Agadir but we found out that a good friend was about to start working in Rabat and so we took the opportunity to head that way instead. On the way up we decided to take a look at the small town of El Jadida where the underground cisterns were made famous by Orson Welles in his 1952 version of Othello. Getting there meant a very long day! The alarm went off at 0700 and, after breakfast, we got a taxi out to Agadir's remote bus station. Three and a half hours later our Supratours bus got to Marrakech. We had half an hour before the train to Casablanca left which was just enough time to grab lunch - at McDonalds!! Yes, ... read more
The Cisterns Today

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