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I went for another early morning run in the Medina and the Souks were again the empty place that I remembered when I was here early a couple of days ago, however they were starting to come to life even though people were mainly sitting drinking tea before they opened-up their shops. There was a guy in the restaurant at breakfast in Moroccan dress, serving Moroccan tea, so we thought we would give that a try. It was a very sweet mint tea, which was quite refreshing, although too sweet for us. It would have been nice to get a photograph of him is in outfit, complete with a fez, and all his tea gear, but you could tell he was incredibly self-conscious about it, so we saved him the embarrassment. We decided that we would ... read more
Medina Gate
Baby Camel

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz April 3rd 2013

3.April.2013 So here we are, Me and one of my best friends Ellis at the bus station in Exeter. Indeed the coach to London was 50 minutes late... But we didn't seem to care. We were off on our adventure! I soon relaxed into a deep nap whilst one the coach though i woke up about a hour later with a sudden jolt. The sun was beautifully setting out side the window and i had such a surge of positive energy run through me, now feeling at ease with our journey ahead. 4.April.2013 London. Finally we arrive at the airport, its very early in the morning, around 12.50am. Its freezing and we haven't a clue where we are going, but we find a coach going to the city of Brighton that's passing through out terminal. I ... read more
Impressive Columns In Heathrow Airport
Marrakesh Airport
Inside the Marrakesh Rouge.

After all the walking yesterday, we decided we were going to take it easy today, so after some extra sleep and a leisurely breakfast, it was off to the pool for a while. The hotel pool had been open for over an hour and still none of the sun-beds had any towels on them. Obviously there are very few British or Germans staying here. Actually, most of the people seem to be French. Of course if the place is full of French people then it goes without saying that the food is excellent – there’s no full English or chips here. Combine that with the relaxed approach to, urr, relaxing and I have to say that I would much rather stay in a hotel with the French than with the British. The only downside is the ... read more
Wot No Towels
Théâtre Royal

2-3 avril "Eille boss... Marrakech, ça s'écrit avec un C ou un G à la fin?" " Eeeee... Marra... eee... avec un G ch'pense..." "Ok boss" - Vu sur une pancarte d'autoroute entre Agadir et Marrakech: Marrakegh 242 km ... Après un arrêt pour la nuit à l'hôtel "La Petite Suède" sans suédois d'Agadir, j'embarque dans le bus vers la fameuse Marrakech située plus au Nord, à l'intérieur des terres du Maroc. C'est que j'ai profité de cette escale dans la ville balnéaire pour d'abord marcher sur la plage ramollie par les vagues épuisées sous le soleil couchant... mais surtout, j'en ai profité pour dormir. Ouaip, dormir un bon douze heures de suite, sans même ouvrir les yeux. Facile ça, avec ce lit de loin le plus confortable que j'ai eu depuis le début de mon ... read more
Le Grand Banquet
Petite sieste
Petite pause

I got-up early to go for a run whilst it was still cool and to orient myself with Marrakech. I managed to find my way to the city wall without any problems, although I had to run round it for a while before I managed to find a way in. I also managed to find the Souks without any problems. At that time in the morning everywhere was closed. There was the odd donkey-pulled cart delivering goods or taking rubbish away, but apart from that it was all very quiet. I really struggled to find my way back to the hotel. I had GPS, but with no data connection there was no map – just a waypoint to head towards. However whenever I was going in the right direction, I’d come to a dead-end or streets ... read more
The Souks
Meat For Sale
Henna Tattoo


Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech March 31st 2013

We didn’t know until we were at the final point of booking the holiday (as a package) that the flights were actually with Ryan Air. We weren’t happy and even less so after each of the emails badgering us about the baggage allowance, badgering us about the cabin allowance, badgering us about the online check-in and badgering us about printing the boarding pass. Failure on any of these would result in horrendous additional costs. I guess it’s fair dos in some ways, as by reminding you so much, it’s actually lowering the risk that they’d get more money out of you. We got to the airport with plenty of time, after dropping our son off at his school as he was off on a school jolly with all his mates – hence our reason for going ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Asilah March 30th 2013

3/30/2013 TITLE: Ksar El Kebir begins In less than 24 hours in Ksar, we have a new host home, we have walked around town, met many people, set a meeting with an association and come to terms with our new environment. It was exciting to wake up and think about what might happen on the first full day, but not exciting to think about our toilet or shower situation. “It is what is” is a mantra we seem to start many days with. However, this morning, we ignored those aforementioned unfortunate issues and went down for breakfast at 9:30 a.m., the time we were told breakfast was regularly served. It was the typical and yummy bread, laughing cow cheese, olive oil, olives and hard-boiled eggs breakfast. Ann was so happy to see the coffee and hot ... read more

Africa » Morocco March 30th 2013

This was my second trip to Africa with Travel Talk (first was Egypt in 2010) and I absolutely loved it. I did a tour called Adventure Morocco. This tour was for 8 days and started and ended in Marrakech. I booked this with a friend to get the 2 4 1 deal. Here is the link for the Itinerary Below is some helpful information on the tour. This tour is by coach so you do spend a few hours travelling between your destinations. The tour leader will explain about the history and the towns/villages and people you drive by to get a better feeling for what you are looking at. There are plenty of photo ops along the way. All breakfast were provided, a couple lunches and dinners but the meals not provided meant you ... read more
market food in Marrakech
top of a sand dune

Africa » Morocco » Guelmim » Mirleft March 30th 2013

30 mars Je quitte le 20 000 habitants de Sidni Ifni pour me rendre au 6 000 habitants de Mirleft aujourd'hui. La petite bourgade où je me dirige a hébergé un certain Jimi Hendrix dans les années 70, et une fausse rumeur veut qu'il y fût inspiré et écrivit la fameuse chanson "Castle Made of Sand". Bon. Peu importe l'anecdote, me voilà qui complète les quelques kilomètres qui sépare Mirleft de Sidni Ifni en taxi collectif. On est sept dans la voiture. Purple Haze. A ce moment-ci, vous avez certainement compris que sept, c'est la norme ici. Sur notre route vers Mirleft, on débarque une immense draperie verte avec des yeux qui prenait place à l'avant. C'est qu'il y a beaucoup de femmes de la région qui vont à la ville portuaire de Sidni Ifni pour ... read more
Oiseau et escargots
Minaret et cactus
Panorama de Mirleft

Africa » Morocco » Guelmim » Sidi Ifni March 29th 2013

Départ de Tiznit 29 mars J'ai finalement atteint la petite ville portuaire de Sidni Ifni vers 18h00 hier soir, étouffé par un surplus de passagers surdimensionnés dans le taxi Mercedes. Ouf. J'ai posé ensuite mon lourd sac dans ma chambre crématoire d'hôtel avant de me coller le derrière sur une terrasse panoramique devant une tajine à la poulpe. La pieuvre, ça se colle bien à la tajine vous savez. Et ça se colle bien aussi entre deux molaires. Ca explique peut-être pourquoi j'ai la bouche caoutchouteuse ce matin. Bon. Malgré cela, je suis bien reposé... quoique la mollesse de mes couchettes des derniers jours m'ont un peu courbaturé. A moins que ce soit le transport en taxi de Tiznit à ici qui commence à se faire sentir dans mon bas de dos. Ce serait normal ça, ... read more
Ma gougoune se sauve!
Popcorn de nuit
Du bleu et du blanc

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