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Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe September 5th 2010

The trek from Cape Maclear to Mpulungu is a tough one. First destination Lilongwe. I am told there is a minibus to Monkey Bay at 5:30am which meets the 7:30am bus to Lilongwe which takes 3.5hrs, once again it was pointless asking as it's nonsense! At 6:15 the minibus still hasn't arrived but luckily some of the day staff have so one of the men signals to a pickup truck and that takes me instead. Slightly worrying that it only has 4 people on it and is larger than normal so could take forever to fill up, luckily they only drive round the town once and then leave. So we have tons of room but also means we go very fast so a greater chance of falling out. Even the locals sit inside the back this ... read more
Pickup truck ride
Good road comparitively
Bus chaos

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi September 1st 2010

Blantyre is quite a nice town, a refreshingly developed town compared to many in Mozambique. Surfaced roads, chain shops, restaurants offering a variety of nationalities' food, post office, numerous banks etc. I decide to rest for a day to catch up on sleep, eating and general admin tasks. The next morning is a lie in from the norm, Doogles hostel is next door to the bus depot so I can easily get there for 6:30. After wandering for a while and asking almost everyone I find the bus to Monkey Bay. This is a big bus, similar to a single decker we'd have in a town at home, including the stop bell. The front and rear are rammed with luggage; a double mattress, sacks of food and supplies, only a few actual suitcases. I find a ... read more
Sunset at Cape Maclear
Tomato sauce!!

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi September 1st 2010

Am sat in the sun on the beach at Lake Malawi, is really hard to believe that it is not the sea. Have just been swimming, reading and relaxing after some really long driving days on the truck. Malawi is very beautiful, really lush and green which is a nice change from the deset and I finally feel quite clean for a change! On the drive here we passed through lots of little villages and some interesting police checks and we stopped over in the Luwawa forest. We treked for 3 hours in the rain to a remote village where we spent time playing with the kids and meeting the village chief, I also got picked to go and join in with the dancing. We head off tomorrow and should reach Tanzania sometime on friday oh ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi August 23rd 2010

From Zambia we again have another really early start this morning (4.45am) and a 9 hour drive along another bumpy drive to Luwawa Forest - Malawi. We noticed when we crossed the border from Zambia to Malawi the differnce in housing for the locals. It is a poorer country than Zambia and we were told that most people only survive on US$2 / day. We stopped at a local village market where all sorts of items were being sold (blankets / clothing / shoes / fabrics / fresh tomatoes). The clothing items were previously used and we were told these are most probably donations from western countries that are being sold??. We arrived at camp at sundown (6pm). It was allot cooler as we were up higher into the forrest. We put up our tents, had ... read more
Freddy is definitely stuck
Kande Beach - Lake Malawi
Sangria and Pasta night

Africa » Malawi » Northern » Nkhata Bay August 18th 2010

The flight from Lusaka to Lilongwe in Malawi was only a short one and I was due to be met by someone from the volunteer project. The airport is small but people everywhere pushing and shoving to get their luggage and get out. After waiting for about 2 hours I realized that no one was going to show so jumped into a taxi and asked to be taken to a backpackers (I think there is only a choice of two), it was OK the sheets were clean and there was hot water, but it was rundown and I did;'t really like the vibe, the staff were not particularly friendly or helpful (so unlike Malawi). I spent 3 days there emailing the project with no response (I eventually got a response 5 days later, but I had ... read more


Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi August 16th 2010

We have spent a relaxing week in beautiful Malawi. Malawi is a very poor country (GNP is less than US$250 and life expectancy only 43 years) but the landscape is magnificent and the people friendly and excitable, they are some of the friendliest people in Africa. Our first stop was Chitimba Beach in the Livingstonia region, a lovely camp site on the shores of the freshwater Lake Malawi, Africa's third largest lake with a pristine beach on our doorstep. From Chitimba we headed on a long 22km walk up the mountains to Manchewe Falls which thunders 125m into the valley below. Walking through villages and cassava plantations, small subsistence farms and into the mountains, we caught a glimpse of traditional Malawian life with cassava drying outside the homes, children of all ages carrying their pots of ... read more
Chitimba Beach
Our guide to Manchewe Falls
One of the boys about to jump off the rock into the very shallow swimming hole

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Chitimba Beach August 15th 2010

Hello from Malawi! It looks like about half of my photos uploaded but there are some good ones in there. In Victoria Falls, Zim(babwe) and in Livingstone, Zam(bia) I did a lion walk in a lion conservation center. In a 4 phase process they are increasing the lion population in Africa. Phase 1 which we participate is walking with the lion cubs which are age 6 months to 2 years. We provide a valuable revenue source for them. In phase 2 they are released into a 500 acre environment with minimal human contact but no natural predators. At age 5 they are released into a 1500 acre environment with natural predators. Their cubs born are totally wild. A lot of the money goes towards purchasing the land from the government so I was happy to play ... read more
Picture 024
Picture 025
Picture 026

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi » Chitimba Beach August 14th 2010

5th August Day 9 Chitimba Beach, Malawi Kath and I decided to have a quiet day today as we were still recovering from the sangria night and the travels from the previous day…..we must be getting old!! Some of the group did the 36km round trip walk to Livingstonia Mission up in the hills but as it meant a 5am wake up it really didn’t appeal to us! Meanwhile some of the staff at the camp ground gave Freddy a bath inside and out…we’d managed to trapse a whole lot of mud inside back in the forest and it wasn’t pretty! We slept in past 8am…a treat after so many early mornings and had a leisurely morning chatting with the others who’d stayed behind and visiting the craft market stalls just outside the camp gates. We ... read more
Chitimba Beach

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi August 8th 2010

1st August Day 5 South Luangwa National Park to Luwawa Forest We all managed to wake up up on time except for our 84 year old group member….yes 84 years of age! The age range on our tour is from 19 to 84 which makes for interesting conversations :-) We had a quick breakfast and were on the road just after 6am….travelling back along the same bumpy road back to Chipata to pick up provisions for the next few days in Malawi and our planned sangria (made by our one and only Spaniard on the tour and pasta night (cooked by the single Italian guy on the tour) at Kande Beach. This was our last chance to spend our Zambian Kwacha as we were heading to the Malawi border. Chipata is close to the border and ... read more
Trying to push Freddy out
All crammed into mini freddy
Andrea cooking up a penne pasta feast, Kande Beach Malawi

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi August 3rd 2010

Mount Mulanje defeated us. Ha. As if. We are way harder than a mountain, we shortened the trek from 7 to 6 days and kept our sabbath day. Spirits were high as we crusaded across the rather hilly 'flat' plateau. We never again plan to live straight out of our bags for a week, but the views were amazing and we have proved to ourselves that not preparing is not actually a problem. We have also completed the safari stage - we are also harder than elephants. We were nearly charged at. We kept our cool, of course. Just another day in the African life. We are now on R&R - kayaking to domwe tomorrow, however must dash, sunbathing is calling. Olivia Unsworth-Brown, dictated by Luke Grimes. But apparantly not xxxxxx (More detail will follow unless ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

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