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Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 11th 2014

Had a little night stop in Nairobi where during the day me and couple of the girls went to visit and baby orphanage in the town. One of the girls had volunteered here couple years ago for a month. I'm so glad I went as I was worried it would be too heartbreaking but it was a lovely orphanage. They are so happy for you just to go in and help with the babies to feed them. There were lots of people there to help and the babies were just gorgeous. I was with one little baby boy for over an hour in which the whole time he just stared at me and kept giggling away. Just really puts so much into perspective.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province February 10th 2014

The water tank I bought Isaac and Josephine had now been delivered and installed just in time as it has rained very heavily over the last couple of days I was hoping to see water come from the tap before I left. The tank that I decided on in the end was the largest which once full, will keep the family supplied with water for up to 5/6 months. A great relief to Josephine. Sunday 2nd February it's Isaac's birthday. They don't acknowledge their birthdays and some (the older generation) don't even know when it is or how old they are. I've bought a birthday cake from town which is iced beautifully but unfortunately the icing did not survive the very bumpy motorbike journey. Nevertheless, I've used the Christmas candle that I brought with me ... read more
Birthday Cake
Isaac cutting the cake
Kids enjoying birthday cake

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 10th 2014

Back to Mzambaruni. Eigentlich besuche ich immer wieder neue Villages. Durch ein kleines Missverständnis bin ich wieder in Mzambarauni gelandet, das ich schon letztes Jahr besichtigt habe. Da sich diese Dörfer wie ein Ei dem anderen gleichen, hatte ich es fast nicht mehr wiedererkannt. Auf jeden Fall habe ich andere Menschen als beim letzten Besuch getroffen und somit haben neue Personen die gesponserten Kleider erhalten. Gleich am Anfang des Dorfes habe ich eine Schule und eine Kirche besucht, welche die ersten Süssigkeiten erhalten haben. Diese gehen bei so vielen Kinder weg wie warme Weggli ;-) Danach gings im Dorf weiter. Es sind immer Dörfer, welche weder fliessend Wasser haben noch einen Anschluss ans Stromnetz. Die Hütten sind aus Lehm gefertigt und die "Dächer" sind aus natürlichen Materialien wie Äste oder getrockneten Blätter hergestellt. Trotz allem machen ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 6th 2014

DAY 1: I left Jersey today at 7:30pm after saying goodbye to my girlfriends and my parents at the airport. I was so nervous, but so excited about starting my journey to Africa. (Picture 1) I flew British Airways to Gatwick and had an over night stay in a nearby guest house. I could not sleep a wink as I was so excited and buzzing about stepping foot in Africa! I repacked and unpacked and replaced my case, shifting things around and putting things in new pockets and when I was finally happy, I eventually nodded off to sleep. DAY 2: I set an alarm for 7am, and jumped straight out of bed. Finally I was going to Africa! I packed up my stuff again and loaded up my rucksacks and went downstairs for breakfast. I ... read more
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 3rd 2014

Back to Mombasa. Jeder Kenyabesuch beginnt für mich in dieser Stadt am indischen Ozean. Ein Ort zum Entspannen, aber genauso um Spass zu haben. Und des Weiteren dient es für mich als Sprungbrett, um weitere Orte zu besuchen, um danach wieder zurückzukehren und entspannen zu können. Diesmal habe ich auch ein paar Kleider am Strand verteilt, welche ich normalerweise direkt in die Villages bringe. Hier ein Bildermix von meinem Lieblingsaufenthaltsort: der Strand.... read more


Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 2nd 2014

Greetings from Nairobi. What a culture shock - totally different from Gondar. The first thing I did when I arrived yesterday was walk to a shop and buy a diet coke. Bliss! The house I am staying in is lovely, comfortable and CLEAN. There is even someone employed to do the cooking. Result! It has wifi too! Enough about Nairobi for now. This blog is my final one about Ethiopia. I left Gondar 9 days ago and have been travelling since. I first went to Harar. This is totally different to other places in Ethiopia that I have visited. It is close to Somaliland, has a big Indian and Arabic influence and is predominantly Islamic. The main thing that struck me was that so many people lie around the streets and chew chat. Even when I ... read more

Africa » Kenya February 1st 2014

Isaac and Josephine (my host) at the age of 25 and 22 are the same age as my own children so our relationship is somewhat strange because I am automatically mothering them and they are also doing the same to me. I'm given a sunset curfew and have to telephone ahead if I'm late. When I ask to go out walking on my own I'm told if I can go alone or not, if not then Isaac accompanies me. It's very sweet of them but it's also strange having this role reversal. I'm yet to meet Josephines family, as the women are not allowed to see their families once they are married without special reason. I'm hoping I get to meet them before I leave. Josephine was brought up much like a slave. Her mother left ... read more
leaving my mark!
My Artwork

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale January 26th 2014

October 14 There's been so many amazing excursions in the past seven months but today was an unexpectedly brilliant day. Who knew that there was such a thing as the Nairobi Goat Derby?? Not only that but it's so well organized and all in the name of charity. Here we were thinking we'd go take a look for an hour and we shut the place down almost ten hours later... Most of the group came along for a look and we pulled some tables together with prime viewing of the starting line. A few goats munched happily on the grass and bushes, seemingly unaware of what was in store for them. The hilarity began when the teams tried to dress their goats in t-shirts. Obviously the goats weren't overly keen and it took several people per ... read more
A reluctant entrant
And they're off!
A well earned break between races

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Tsavo East National Park January 25th 2014

It's now over a year since I wrote (I've had to change that sentence several times as it took longer and longer to finish this entry) . And although I thought about my blog, I assumed it would fade away into the lasting graveyard that the Internet is and no one would mind. Well. I've received several messages from followers and others who stumbled across my blog and have finally arrived at this moment. I have written and apologised to those who wrote months ago and made a promise to finish off last year's trip. It's been quite humbling and flattering to think some care enough to want to see the trip through to the end. So yes, I am alive (to the person who asked, thanks for checking!) and am still somewhat struggling to fit ... read more
Giraffe crossing
Home sweet home
Here they come!

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province January 22nd 2014

The orphanage project is now complete with all but the ground to clear. It's been very slow process and frustrating at times not being able to have any input on the organisation or the buying of materials. One day we waited 6hrs for a delivery of materials. All they arranged was delivery, nobody thought to ask what time it would arrive and nobody thought to order it earlier so we still had some work to do in the meantime. Then when it does arrive, they decide to have a break! A whole day wasted sitting around. The orphanage build could have easily been completed in 2 weeks but due to the lack of organisation and the unwillingness for the locals to work, it's taken almost 6 weeks. Isaac my host is keen for me to move ... read more
Build complete
stones collected for the floor

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