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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province January 10th 2014

As we leave the dusty chaos of Nairobi behind, passing through miles of dingy urban sprawl, displaced zebra (their migratory route having been truncated seemingly overnight by indifferent, burgeoning hoards of humans), graze intermittently on embankments alongside the highway. They compete with domestic cattle for the dry sparse grass. There is a feeling of desperation in the air. Mercifully we turn onto the Great North Road (built by Italian P.OW 's in the 1940's) and follow along the beautiful Rift valley which stretches from Cairo in the north to Cape town in the south. Unchanged for thousands of years the views take my breath away! Ornamentally painted busses blaze past as we pause at the equator, crossing it from south to north. Climbing high into the Eldore region near the rushing tumbling Nabieri river, the look ... read more
Kenyan bus
Dust and poverty

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Naivasha January 7th 2014

For my third trip to Africa, I decided it was time to see some big animals up close and personal in the wild. My British friend Caroline and I settled on a trip to Kenya; in part, this was because I had a friend who had lived in Kenya, and had great information on the ready for where to go, what to do, and who to contact. Two weeks is never long enough, but our "budget" trip ended up costing a fortune, although it was indeed worth every shilling. We flew direct from Dubai to Nairobi, and, with the help of a Christmas deal on, got a "cheap" room at the Hilton hotel in a slightly less dodgy area of town. The building looked straight out of the 70s. The AstroTurf hallways and furnishings made ... read more
Masai Mara Giraffes
One-eye Leopard
Black Rhino

In January we have completed 6 years in Kenya, the time has flown by. We have had Samburu National Reserve on our list for years. We managed to take 2 camping holidays, the first to Samburu and the second to Lake Naivashas Sanctuary Farm, which is always a favourite. Samburu is well known for 5 species that are unique to this park, we managed to see all of them, and even a Leopard, which was very exciting! We camped by the river and had a lovely, sandy stay with friends. Work and school starts up for everyone this next week, we look forward to another busy year in Kenya. Happy New Year! Miriam... read more
More vulturine Guineafowls
Somali ostrich
Beisa Oryx

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Lamu January 4th 2014

Well, we are sitting here on our private rooftop lounge as the sun slowly sets over the historic fort and the old town of Lamu, with the iman’s call to prayer echoing out from a nearby mosque. Down below, a bunch of local men play checkers, veiled women chatter animatedly and a couple of kids lead their rather good-natured donkeys home for the day… After quite a hectic year, especially so for Jane, we were determined to begin our trip with a week in a relaxed and slow-paced environment. Thus, our first port of call after overnighting in Nairobi was the tiny island of Lamu, a Swahili settlement that is Kenya’s oldest continuously inhabited town, having first been mentioned in the annals of history in the 1300s, although rumours persist of an older community, now long ... read more
Lamu's main square
Donkey in Lamu
Our Lamu home and the Fort

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi January 3rd 2014

So seven time zones, 36 hours and no luggage later I arrive in the dead of night at the 'guest house' and I use this term very loosely indeed. Here to await the truck that will jolt me south to Zambia through the Masai Mara down to Uganda, onward through Malawi, Tanzania by boat to Zanzibar island...the stuff of dreams... The 'guest house' is rudimentary at best with towels 'upon request' at the 'reception,' disgusting ex pat food (see chicken and leek pie) but large bran new mosquito nets, a garden rife with every variety of warbling bird and two gigantic weathered super friendly 'guard dogs'. In short a little slice of heaven if you could add some better food and you're easy to please Especially when your tent awaits! Between futile phone calls in search ... read more
Recycled flip flip elephant
Recycled products
Baby elephants


Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province December 28th 2013

I'm getting used to the daily life and routine here now, up with the cockerel, 6am, and greeted by a chicken on the bed. Breakfast is a slice of bread and chai (tea). Fetch water which is heavy work. An apple or banana for lunch at 2 and then we have dinner at sunset at 7ish. Dinner is usually cabbage tomatoes and onion cooked in loads of oil served with either rice maize or chapattis. Apart from the oil, it's actually quite nice. Our evening meal is eaten in torchlight only which is hard to get used to. I did try and cook an early meal one day so we could eat in the light but they prefer to eat at sunset. I'm usually in bed after a thorough bug search by 9pm exhausted but still ... read more
Me and Josephine
Kids and presents I bought them

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province December 27th 2013

The biggest news for us in September was Hayley started real school, real uniform, full days etc. And I started my postgraduate certificate in education through a University in the UK online with my practicums at the kid’s school. Hayley has done very well, she has flourished in her new school, she is a different child, confident, happy, social, it has been such a great transition. I am remembering why I have put this certificate off for so long, I really don’t enjoy study, but I have been enjoying the classroom, and it’s very much an “enough regrets” type decision. It’s a long time coming, almost 10 years since I first chickened out of applying to become a teacher. I am enjoying the course, it is intense and sometimes I wonder how I manage to fit ... read more
Hayleys first day at real school
Hayley finding her bag hook
Rabbits at school

Africa » Kenya » North Eastern Province December 18th 2013

I’d been a little wary of leaving Uganda ever since we realised we’d accidentally smuggled Sam’s car into the country illicitly. The car shall henceforth be referred to as Niko (Nikololika is her full title… a Zulu name inherited from the previous owner). The Carnet de Passage document that allows Niko to move freely around Africa, a kind of car passport, is dependent upon a deposit that was paid when she left South Africa, to ensure she wouldn’t be sold in a different country. Everywhere in Africa honours this scheme, apart from Uganda (well done, Uganda… there’s always one), where the company apparently folded. The border police were seemingly unaware of this when we crossed from Tanzania. They merrily stamped the documents and sent us on our way, despite the sign pinned to the office wall ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Turkana December 18th 2013

We made our exit early in the morning and quickly reached the place we’d been aiming for, which irritatingly turned out to be just an hour down the road. As we entered the town a cheerful man implausibly carrying an enormous tree trunk over his shoulder greeted us, helpfully offering directions to the police station. We were a little confused by his assumption that we would wish to go there, but decided it might be wise to follow his advice and check with them about the situation on the road ahead. First though we went to have a look at the campsite, which turned out to be surprisingly lovely, situated in a shady spot on a bend in the river. The surrounding hills looked very inviting and the campsite, which seemed to be aimed mostly at ... read more
Niko at the campsite near Marich
Our guide
Spot Sam's feet...

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province December 4th 2013

I am about to embark on a new adventure travelling to Africa to do some volunteer work. I will be travelling firstly to Kenya to live amongst the Maasia Mari engaging in work in aid of MACCOP KENYA ( Maasai Community Concern & Children Programme) I will be involved in projects like Educating Female Maasai girls, Provision of clean water projects and feeding programmes. I will be staying with a host family in their home. This will be a small Tin/Mud hut with no access to electricity or water. I will be here for 8 weeks from Dec 2013 to February 2014. Then in February 2014, I will spend up to 8 weeks helping to care for rescued primates at a rescue centre on the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa. From here I will then travel ... read more

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