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Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi April 1st 2014

Welcome to my penultimate blog entry. Home time in a month. A blog about Africa would not be complete without safari photos. You will be pleased to know that I have been very selective and have not uploaded them all! My week off was great. We visited Nakuru national park, Maasai Mara, lake Naivasha and then went to Diani beach for some scuba diving and relaxation. Out of the big five, we saw lion, buffalo, rhino and elephant. Unfortunately we didn’t see a leopard but we saw leopard paw prints and kill in a tree so I am giving ourselves 4.25 out of 5! It was interesting to learn how the safari drivers communicate with each other about animals. Giraffes are referred to as “long necks,” lions as “big hair,” cheetah as “spotted animal on the ... read more
Cheetah, Maasai Mara
Zebra, Nakuru National Park
Rhino, Nakuru National Park

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi March 23rd 2014

Back to Nairobi again and this time I went out for a day seeing the local wildlife. The hotel organised a mini van for us, felt like we were off on a safari. We went first to a baby elephant orphanage which is called the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trusts' Orphans Project. You pay a small donation on entry and can bring SMA milk. The elephants can only have this particular milk as they would not survive from having cows milk. From 10am til 11am is visiting hours and you can see the elephants being fed. The elephants literally come pounding down the hill from their sleeping pens and head straight to a milk bottle. They are massive and each elephant downs two bottles each. They are so playful, and will come over to where your standing ... read more
Monkey'n around
Elephant orphanage trust
The youngest baby elephants

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi March 14th 2014

A SOCIAL WORKERS PERSPECTIVE ON THE IMPACT OF SPRING VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH & SCHOOL IN THE COMMUNITY My names are Margaret Njeri Nderi and I am a social worker at Spring Valley Baptist Church & school. I’ve had the privilege of working for Spring Valley Baptist for the last two months and it has been a very rewarding experience. The vision and mission of Spring Valley is, “spreading the word and love of God through assisting the less fortunate children and youth by providing them with the basic needs, education, promoting integration, character development and empowering them with knowledge and skills.” For the two months that I have worked at Spring Valley I have witnessed firsthand this vision and mission being accomplished and achieved every day. The first assignment I had as a social worker at ... read more
Slum Life vs. Talitha Koum
Talitha Koum Rescue Center
Kids in the community

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi March 12th 2014

I am over half way through my time here with AMREF. It has gone so quickly. Since my last entry I have flown to South Africa, Abu Dhabi, twice to Mogadishu, Tanzania and a number of flights within Kenya. We took a patient who had been shot in the head from Mogadishu to Abu Dhabi. It was a humanitarian flight funded by Abu Dhabi. In a way it is a shame that they picked this particular patient, as he is not going to do well and is very unlikely to survive even with the best medial care let alone have any rehabilitation potential. In my opinion, maybe they could have chosen a different patient who would have benefited from the mission, and they would have still got the same publicity. Shame. It was so hot in ... read more
Mount Longonot
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 26th 2014

These few weeks have truly been action packed and memorable. Being an AMREF flying doctor definitely keeps me busy and out of trouble! First let me tell you a little about AMREF. The African Medical Research Foundation was set up by 3 plastic surgeons in 1957. They had identified that there were many patients in Africa in need of plastic surgery following injuries from war, accidents etc. They started travelling around Africa, running clinics and operating. This soon snowballed. They realised that flying to the patients was quicker that travelling overland, thus the “flying” part begun. It soon became clear that in many cases the facilities required were not available in remote areas and that it was better to evacuate the patient to a more resourced hospital. Meanwhile, they had also started outreach programs including teaching ... read more
AMREF hangar
AMREF caravan
Nairobi to Lodwar


Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 11th 2014

Had a little night stop in Nairobi where during the day me and couple of the girls went to visit and baby orphanage in the town. One of the girls had volunteered here couple years ago for a month. I'm so glad I went as I was worried it would be too heartbreaking but it was a lovely orphanage. They are so happy for you just to go in and help with the babies to feed them. There were lots of people there to help and the babies were just gorgeous. I was with one little baby boy for over an hour in which the whole time he just stared at me and kept giggling away. Just really puts so much into perspective.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 6th 2014

DAY 1: I left Jersey today at 7:30pm after saying goodbye to my girlfriends and my parents at the airport. I was so nervous, but so excited about starting my journey to Africa. (Picture 1) I flew British Airways to Gatwick and had an over night stay in a nearby guest house. I could not sleep a wink as I was so excited and buzzing about stepping foot in Africa! I repacked and unpacked and replaced my case, shifting things around and putting things in new pockets and when I was finally happy, I eventually nodded off to sleep. DAY 2: I set an alarm for 7am, and jumped straight out of bed. Finally I was going to Africa! I packed up my stuff again and loaded up my rucksacks and went downstairs for breakfast. I ... read more
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 2nd 2014

Greetings from Nairobi. What a culture shock - totally different from Gondar. The first thing I did when I arrived yesterday was walk to a shop and buy a diet coke. Bliss! The house I am staying in is lovely, comfortable and CLEAN. There is even someone employed to do the cooking. Result! It has wifi too! Enough about Nairobi for now. This blog is my final one about Ethiopia. I left Gondar 9 days ago and have been travelling since. I first went to Harar. This is totally different to other places in Ethiopia that I have visited. It is close to Somaliland, has a big Indian and Arabic influence and is predominantly Islamic. The main thing that struck me was that so many people lie around the streets and chew chat. Even when I ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi January 3rd 2014

So seven time zones, 36 hours and no luggage later I arrive in the dead of night at the 'guest house' and I use this term very loosely indeed. Here to await the truck that will jolt me south to Zambia through the Masai Mara down to Uganda, onward through Malawi, Tanzania by boat to Zanzibar island...the stuff of dreams... The 'guest house' is rudimentary at best with towels 'upon request' at the 'reception,' disgusting ex pat food (see chicken and leek pie) but large bran new mosquito nets, a garden rife with every variety of warbling bird and two gigantic weathered super friendly 'guard dogs'. In short a little slice of heaven if you could add some better food and you're easy to please Especially when your tent awaits! Between futile phone calls in search ... read more
Recycled flip flip elephant
Recycled products
Baby elephants

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi November 6th 2013

I've had a busy time since I arrive back in Nairobi. The work continues at the office to complete the accounting and get the company in order to be able to sell and so there has been little time to do anything else! However, on the weekend in the mornings Dad and I took a break and went to do some touristy things! We went to the Kenya Wildlife Services orphanage where animals that are rescued as babies are hand raised and then looked after for the rest of their lives. Although, it looks a lot like a zoo the men that look after the animals have a very personal relationship with each one of them. Each animal has a story associated with them and one was a baby Mangabee monkey from the Congo with a ... read more
Look Ma! No hands!
The Toddlers

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