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Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki November 16th 2013

The border process between Ethiopia and Kenya was smooth and friendly, which was a relief after the hassles we experienced in Egypt and Sudan. We were knackered after a long day, but the hotel we checked out was a bit expensive so we trundled off to find something cheaper. We succeeded by finding a guesthouse for locals who allowed us to ride through their restaurant to store the bikes in an area down some stairs. Tricky to get to, but nice and safe for the bikes. Soon after we arrived the skies opened. Proper rain. The first we had experienced since Europe. A novel buzz in some ways, but also pretty concerning as we were to face the most notorious road of our trip the next day, the two day "Hell Road" from Moyale to Isiolo. ... read more
Morning on the Moyale to Marsabit road

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki May 29th 2011

My fear of flying in small planes over, we connected in Nairobi private airport for the flight to Nanyuki. In a fertile farm belt, this was the area of the Mau Mau uprising, led by Kenyatta, then imprisoned, and like Mandela elected president when he got out of jail. He turned out to be hugely corrupt, funneling billions in foreign aid to his family and friends, while Kenyans starved. Nanyuki seems much richer than towns website have seen in Tanzania and Amboseli. Clean, paved streets, architecture instead of huts thrown together. Along the road are lovely estates left from British Colonialism. We passed many, many boarding schools, even a World Vision enclave. On arrival at Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club, we were welcomed by some Masai, but a different tribe. We are staying right on the ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki November 21st 2008

Tag #41 Der 6-Tages-Trip ist zu Ende und es geht zurück nach Nairobi. Die Umgebung wird noch schöner und noch fruchtbarer als bisher. Unterwegs halten wir praktisch an jedem Markt an und kaufen Früchte: mal eine Banane, mal ein Mango, eine Frucht mit dem Namen "Popo", Orangen, Wassermelonen, usw. Praktisch alles was diese Umgebung hergibt. Zusätzlich gibt es noch Avocado-Bäume, Mais-Plantagen, Ananas-Plantagen, ... Die Landschaft ist einfach von unglaublicher Schönheit. Es ist zwar "nur" eine Fahrt von ein paar Stunden, aber die Umgebung und die Leute machen diese Fahrt zu einem Erlebnis... Und bald bin ich wieder in Nairobi "Nimerudi Nairobi".... read more

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki November 19th 2008

# Tag 39/40 Am Morgen früh geht es weiter nach Nanyuki. Die Umgebung ist wie gewohnt voller Plantagen und sehr grün. Neben Agaven sind auch Kaktusbäume hier vertreten. Nachdem wir in den letzten Tagen mehrmals Polizeikontrollen gesehen haben, werden wir diesmal von der Nairobi Highway Police gestoppt. Da die Versicherungen abgeschlossen und noch gültig sind, können wir weitfahren. Ansonsten wäre jetzt ein Geldbetrag fällig geworden. Der Geldbetrag wäre nicht eine Busse gewesen, sonder ein bisschen Geld für den Beamten, erzählt mir der Fahrer. Jetzt erscheint der Mount Kenya vor uns. Die Spitze liegt hinter den Wolken... Am Fusse des Mt. Kenya werde ich noch einen Ausflug unternehmen. Bald erreichen wir die kleine Stadt Nanyuki, welche nicht mehr als 40'000 Einwohner hat. Die Stadt liegt am Äquator. Nach dem Checkin in einem Hotel geht es gleich los ... read more
"Spinners and Weavers" Community

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki November 6th 2008

It rained heavily all night, I woke up with my 2 feet in a pool of water. The fly sheet was touching the tent & water had seeped in that way. I took my sleeping bag & liner to the fire that Lucky lit to cook breakfast & dried them. We set off for Nanyuki, we were supposed to go to a campsite but it rained heavily on route & Kanyo decided to divert to the Sportsmans Arms Hotel complex where the grounds would not be waterlogged. We could see a cloud covered Mount Kenya from Nanyuki. The hotel wanted too much money for room upgrades so everybody pitched a tent. Our truck chewed up their nicely manicured lawn pretty good. I went with Dave into the town, he was having problems withdrawing money with his ... read more
Our replacement truck
Springwater Reserve
Springwater Reserve


Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki January 26th 2008

Because of the discontinuity between night and day during the 48 hours it took me to get from my house in the US to a bed in Kenya, it's not too surprising that my mind perceived the journey as one day - one really, really long day with a 4-hour nap. Upon waking up at 05h45 this morning, however, I was pleasantly surprised that my body had apparently thought of the ordeal as one long day, as well. I didn't feel nearly as exhausted as I probably should have, especially considering all the hiking around central London and running around downtown Nairobi. Instead, after rolling out of bed this morning, I was ready and raring to enjoy the last couple legs of my long trip to Mpala: first a short flight to Nanyuki, then an hour-long ... read more
Kibera Slum
First Class
Old Man Walking

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki October 29th 2007

26/10 Hmm… Jeg må have vænnet mig til at bo her, siden der ikke har været mere pres på for at berette om forskelligheder fra andedammen derhjemme og “Min afrikanske farm”. Kan forstå, der er blevet udskrevet valg derhjemme, ligesom det er tilfældet her. Eller rettere, der bliver højst sandsynlighed udskrevet valg, da datoen ikke er blevet offentliggjort, men det bliver nok efter jul, efter sædvane. Håber ikke, det er den eneste forskel, da det hele formentligt bliver “rigged”, som pressen uden censur skriver lystigt om. Men med penge kan man nå langt hernede, hvorfor tilstandene ikke bliver ændret. Det ligger faktisk i sindet hos hovedparten af kenyanere; fra politimanden, der lader sig bestikke pga. overfyldte matatuer (Nissan-/Toyotavarevogne ombygget til små busser til 14 passagerer!) ved checkpoints’ene, til de øverste, politiske magtinstanser. Så er sort ... read more
Carol, yngste soester
Tatuas far og mor og mig
"Gaardhaven", set vaek fra indgangen til huset

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki October 11th 2007

Nu har jeg besteget et bjerg! D.v.s. næsten; kun til det tredje højeste punkt, Point Lenana: 4985 m.o.h., der er det højeste punkt, der kan nåes af dødelige. Vil man til toppen, skal man bruge bjergbestigningsudstyr og en utrolig god evne til at trække vejret uden at få ilt i lungerne! Charlotte, Maria (den spanske farmaceut) og jeg tog med matatu til Meru og derefter til Nanyuki, hvor vi mødte vores guide, Lawrence. Efter betaling, frokost og lidt indkøb, tog vi mod Mt. Kenya National park, der er en Unesco World Heritage Site og Unesco Biosphere Reserve. På vejen samlede vi vores to porters op, der bar al maden samt en del af vores baggage i gamle tasker, der var knap så komfortable som vores rygsække - utroligt! Vi skulle gå op ad “Sirimon route” og ... read more
Kort Maua/Mt Kenya, tiltet
Kort over Mt. Kenya
Start til Old Moses Hut

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki February 27th 2007

After working the phones over Christmas, I had the chance to visit my client. Problem was, I was in Nairobi, and my clients was about 270 kilometers north by road, a place called Doldol on the other side of Mt. Kenya. An early and hectic morning, to make sure I caught the earliest matatu (taxi). Hmmmm..... Did I say the earliest? Well, the matatu took off at 11am. Nice start! Two and a half hours later, we got to Nanyuki, the edge of the north. Usually, I have a calm way of dealing with everything that seems to be going wrong. This was one of them. Surely, I could make it to Doldol, have the all-important chat and possibly head back, right? Read on..... Assuming I had all the time, I walked into a hotel and ... read more
Doldol Town
Doldol Main Street
Doldol Main Street

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Nanyuki February 19th 2007

Ed realised an almost lifelong ambition today - watching water drain down a plughole on both sides of the equator. We began the day with a repeat of yesterday's fruit salad breakfast, which was even better now that she's added avocado to the mix. Surprising, but avocado goes extremely well with banana. Then we went to pick up the car we'd rented for the day - after a bit of a mix up we got a beast of a Landcruiser 4x4 which had recently returned from a muddy trip into the Masai Mara. The car rental guy told us how lucky we were to have a brand new car - kind of surprising when it looked old and knackered. But he said "Yeah it's brand new, only 3 years old" so these things are all ... read more
Anna you would go crazy out here
The Coriolis force in action
Us at the equator

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