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Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale February 24th 2014

This will be my third and last blog about Ghana. While I was in Kumasi, I visited the Lake Bosomtwe which was formed by a meteorite impact. It’s located about a 45-minute drive by trotro outside of Kumasi and the village Abono lies at its shores. There are a few hotels along the lake and I went to the first one where I sat down and had a drink. Then I walked a little bit along the shore. I had my swimming clothing with me but I didn’t enter the water. I walked further into the direction of the village and there were many locals enjoying a day at the lake: swimming, dancing, eating etc. I just sat down for a while, relax, observed and enjoyed the scene. I continued a bit further where again I ... read more
Kintampo waterfalls
Adanwomase; weaving Kente clothing
Lake Bosomtwe

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale August 1st 2012

Wow, hard to believe we are halfway thru our time here. We have completed the first assignment and will start the 2nd one tomorrow. We are having a great time! We arrived in Accra, Ghana last Sunday night after 26 hrs of flying time. We were picked up by the ACDI/VOCA driver after an hour and a half waiting to get thru customs. After 10pm by the time we reached our nice hotel, we looked at the paper work they had just given us, only to find out we were scheduled on the next morning flight at 7:15am to Tamale, a one hour flight to the North! So up by 5:30am we are up and running! And it continued that busy for the rest of the week. Our project was working with a 'nucleous' farmer. He ... read more
Meeting one of the communities
Looking at the Syabean fields
Soya bean field

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale May 21st 2010

Since my last blog entry two weeks ago I have spent many hours in surgery at the medical centre, travelled to Northern Ghana where I sat on a crocodile, taken a motorbike on a canoe to a remote village and left the King’s Village for Accra. And time really has gone that fast! I have only one week left in Ghana and much planned so I’ll fill you in on the details of my comings and goings over the last two weeks. During my last week and a half at the King’s Village I continued to work in the medical centre and teach occasional science lessons in the school. The medical centre has been getting gradually busier as the rainy season has descended. The most noticeable increase is with cases of malaria and snakebites - both ... read more
Dr Duah and i in theatre
Me and the school children
Me sitting on a croc!

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale May 8th 2010

This is something for the record books - only a week between blogs! I have just finished talking to Mum, Dad and David on Skype, which was amazing. It’s great to hear that everyone is well and that the UK whether sucks again! Sorry folks! I’m enjoying (well not all the time) nearly 40-degree heat at the moment but sadly have little tan to show for it (as pointed out by my parents on skype - thank you!). So for the past week I have mostly working in the medical centre (I shall spare you the gory stories) and also teaching a few more lessons in the primary school. Thankfully at long last I have had my stitches out and so have been back in theatre operating with the other surgeons. Thursday was particularly exciting as ... read more
Pastor Mahama's house
Kumasi pre-school
Photo 5

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale May 1st 2010

Hello all, I'm sorry about the 3 week hiatus (such an American, and apparently Ghanaian term!) since my last blog! I'm not really sure where to begin with the update but, as most of you know, Becka is now safely back in England and so she will no doubt fill you in on anything I miss. Becka and I arrive in the King's Village about 3 weeks ago. For those of you that don't already know, the King's Village is a Christian project founded in the year 2000 by 58i, a Christian charity based at the Christian Centre Church in Nottingham. The King’s Village project includes a primary school, currently with 280 students, a nutritional centre, a water sanitation project and a medical centre/hospital. The King’s Village itself is about 45 minutes north of Tamale, a ... read more


Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale March 30th 2009

Hey All! Sorry for the long delay, the internet here at times can be such a pain! Anyway... with my batteries recharged, it was time for another high flying adventure. And this time I pulled out all the stops. The destinations? Mole National Park, the largest wildlife refuge in country and The Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary. The team? Loren, Bethany, Melissa, and myself. This trip was so big; I’ll have to spread it out over three entries. Hope you’re in a reading mood, because this might take a little time. In fact, this is another entry where it wouldn’t be a bad idea to grab a snack or something… I mean…I would…but that’s just me…anyway, let’s do this! We departed ISH around five thirty Saturday morning, and caught a tro tro to our first bus…which didn’t ... read more
Hungry? Why Wait!?
Tamale Station

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale March 20th 2009

Well this past week I had quite the African adventure so I will have to split this blog up into pieces for your own sake. We finally found our way up north to Mole National Park and Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary. Its all the way in the upper west corner of Ghana so it’s a long trip anyways, but then throw in public transportation and you’ve got yourself some stories!! I guess plan A would have started when we tried to go buy our bus tickets ahead of time on Thursday. Well we didn’t bring enough money because transportation is so cheap here we weren’t expecting to have to pay 20 cedis. We were just going to go the next day and get them, but other groups have gone the morning of and said they didn’t ... read more
John catching some Z's while we wait
All the people hanging out at the station with us
"Where did Mel disappear to?"

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale July 25th 2008

Thanks for the words of encouragement and prayers. The Man Upstairs heard them and I'm feeling better. Health is back to normal (I think I had malaria - at least I was treated for it - but I didn't want to write that for fear of worrying Mom & Dad and the G-parents). But, not to worry, all is good now. The last two nights, I cooked my own dinner - spaghetti and sauce made out of tomato paste and water. It's not quite the same as Ragu but it was still pretty heavenly compared to some other food I've had to force down. Add some onions, peppers, and tuna and it makes for a pretty good meal. After seeing how happy cooking my own food made me, I realized the two things I've really missed ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale July 22nd 2008

...when I said "rejuvenated and ready to go." Been sick the last three days with a slew of different things. Feeling better, but don't have much of an appetite so all I can stomach right now is Ramen-type noodles-- the supermarkets don't have chicken noodle soup :( So just want to ask for some extra prayers that I make it through this last week with a positive attitude and good health. Kind of ready to go home and looking forward to seeing all of you!... read more

Africa » Ghana » Northern » Tamale July 22nd 2008

so the last blog i said we were leaving and going to be driving for 4 hours...i lied, the professors lied. we were in the car for 21 hours driving to the mole game reserve. i kid you not, 21 hours. it was awful. we were on only 2 or 3 main dirt roads for most of the trip. it felt like we were getting no where. not to mention the headlights went out and we were basically driving by the moonlight. the game reserve was awesome!! it was beautiful. i went on two walking safaris and saw: baboons, wild hogs, elephants, deer, a few other things. the elephants were the best part. we were about 30 feet from them. we visited a mosque & the mystery stone of larabanga. after that we drove to bolgatanga. ... read more

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