Photos from Ethiopia, Africa

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Jaap filming
Going well... but...
Lalibela market
Lalibela market
Heading towards Lalibela
Getting higher
Dawn on St Mary's Day - Axum, Ethiopia
Morning clouds - near Mergab, Tigray Region, Ethiopia
Interior of Medhane Alem Kesho - Tigray Region, Ethiopia
Exterior of Medhane Alem Kesho - Tigray Region, Ethiopia
My room in Gheralta Lodge - Hawzen, Tigray Region, Ethiopia
The priest of Abraha Atsbeha church - Tigray Region, Ethiopia
Start of the trek to Abuna Gebre Mikael - Tigray Region, Ethiopia
innocence is bliss
a Hamer woman
star on the ground
breaking beliefs
lip and ear plates
scarred for beauty
How to keep them healthy?
some kids from one of the kebeles in Bambasi Woreda
helping out
boys and girls of STAR Club
Scene at Turmi Market
Morning at Omo Valley
nope, it's not Gloria the Hippo from Madagascar movie
crocodile in Arba Minch lake
Arabian night...err day it's not!
view on the way to Adwa, Tigray Region
down the catwalk
the baker
woman by the church in Addis Ababa
prized possessions
let's cook some injera
bull jumper
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