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September 10th 2008
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My bedroomMy bedroomMy bedroom

Check out my mosquito net
Have you ever sat down on a couch and sunk into a hole and been unable to get out? That is my mattress. I even have two mattresses, unlike everyone else, because when we moved in Bojana didn’t want to sleep on the mattress instead she is sleeping on a sofa, so I claimed her mattress. Yet, despite the numerous positions I have tried sleeping in, I always end up in the mattress hole. I switched the bottom and top mattress and by the second day I found I had created a new hole in approximately the same place. So then, I rotated my mattress and somehow the hole simply expanded. I don’t know how to get out! I’ve started thinking of my bed as a cocoon-- with the mattress hole and the mosquito netting overhead.

I woke up recently and a large, spider-like cricket bug was crawling inside the mosquito net—the wrong side by where I was sleeping…I was scared because I hate killing bugs and I never know what danger these strange bugs my pose. But, I got it out of the net and killed it with a shoe. I try to rescue bugs if possible in order
My bathroomMy bathroomMy bathroom

No water from the spout just from the bucket
to keep my bug karma in order, but as this strange creature violated my space I was obliged to kill it. UGH!

Life in Jijiga can’t get more exciting….three more months to go!

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View of my room across from the bedView of my room across from the bed
View of my room across from the bed

Using the suitcase as a dresser
Wall ClosetWall Closet
Wall Closet

Don't you love the creativity...thanks Peace Corps

15th September 2008

It Could Be Worse.....
Hey Danielle! Better to lie in a black hole than get sucked out to see by storm surge, no? None of the phones are ringing in our Houston office this morning, so you're my sole contact to that program for the moment....Have you heard anything from Oleg or anyone? Skinny-fat....I like the concept.
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