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May 27th 2012
Published: May 29th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

The weather in upper egypt (Aswan, luxor etc.) is much hotter than lower egypt (cairo, Giza etc.) yesterday it was approx 50 degrees in Luxor. While we were looking around karnak temple i started to feel very sick and had to run behind a bush to spew, my legs and arms were shaking and i felt light headed, so aj and i decided to cut our day short. i spent the rest of the day in bed with stomach cramps and headaches - it was pretty horrible. but then i woke up this morning feeling much better, which is good beause we had a 3am wake up call this morning and went in a hot air balloon over the valley of the kings as the sun rose - it was amazing! as we started getting lower to land in a paddock, a bunch of all the local kids ran towards us waving. some other people had packed breakfast boxes which they gave to the children and they loved it! i wish i had something to give them. we had been told earlier that it is not always good to give the children money because it encourages the parents to send their children out to beg for money as opposed to school. so on our way back to the hotel we grabbed a few packs of lollies in wrappers to give to the children we see on the streets or markets selling stuff (there are alot of them). So next we went to the valley of the kings where there are tombs of 64 kings. we were able to walk in and look at 3 of them - they're pretty amazing. There is so much history here, its very impressive how intact alot of the sculptures and buildings are. the feeling is hard to describe, all I can say is that egypt is a country worth going to, to experience for yourself. At every main tourist attraction there are always alot of people trying to sell things, the tourism industry is one of the main incomes of egypt and atm it is struggling.we have been told that the tourism industry has been weak since the revolution. all the markets we have been to we have been the only tourists in sight. also we have been among the few tourists at the hotels weve been to. its sad for the egyptian people as they get no aid from their corrupt government. because of this i can undertand why they flock around us. because the money they make selling their goods is the only money they have to feed their families. although it can get annoying with all the hassling. the most useful arabic word we have learnt is la shukran which means no thank you. For some reason they all call me shakira and offer a large amount of camels for me. They also whistle alot and tell Aj he is a lucky man - very irritating and scary the way they look at me - even though I am covered up with pants and long sleeve shirts and hair tied back. Although I have learnt to ignore this Aj gets really annoyed by it. However this time we started giving out the lollies to all the children selling stuff, and even some adults - such a small gesture but it gave them all a big smile. And they generally left us alone once we gave it to them.We saw James, Oriana and izzy at Karnak temple yesterday so that was really cool and it turns out their hotel is on the same road at ours. So after our tour they came over to hang out for a bit. There is roof top pool and the food at our hotel is good - not like the last two hotels we were at. If You are planning to go to Egypt I would stick to places like mcdonalds and kfc to eat. It's cheap (approx $5-6 au for large meal) tastes good and the meals are bigger than in Australia too. Local Egyptian food is very average or terrible lol, and it takes them a long time to make.Tonight we catch a night train back to Cairo.


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