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Africa » Djibouti » West November 4th 2010

Ask yourself what it means to be able to travel so peacefully and happily through a country that, up to only a few years ago, was rated as one of the two most dangerous countries in the world (along with Somalia). Cote D’Ivoire has been doing their best to keep the peace since an agreement was signed between the government and the Force-Nouvelle “rebels” of the north, but the memories of the civil war are still fresh; civilians from both sides recount stories of the day the war showed up on their doorsteps, and many lost friends and family members. However none of their rough history comes into the picture of Ivorian hospitality and kindness. Even in the tiniest villages, the cocoa, coffee, rubber, plantain, and cassava farmers are as welcoming as ever. Leaving Burkina, got ... read more
kitty cat & bob
hanging out in the 'Cactus Bar'
camping at the waterfalls

Africa » Djibouti » East » Djibouti City February 14th 2010

We were enveloped in a disruptive blackness. Somewhere, in the Horn of Africa, our carriage rested, while inside our bodies contorted uncomfortably on plastic benches. Supposedly, this was First Class. But our butts, backs and remaining body parts disagreed in Western fashion as the hours of darkness slowly ticked intermittently between quick slumbers of exhaustion. One person stirred, which caused a domino effect of passengers waking, rustling, and repositioning themselves into something vaguely tolerable. Outside was more of the same. Shouts of Afar and Somali traveled in chaotic yellow beams of flashlights that sliced into the night air. Above, the skies were clear as stars glistened in their full desert regalia. They encircled a waning moon that reflected what little light there was, forming silhouettes of the surrounding landscape. We were found in the middle of ... read more
The Woman of the Sack
The Runaway
Djibouti Moonscape

Africa » Djibouti » East » Djibouti City January 22nd 2010

Nope, I'd never heard of it either until I accidentally opened up my LP one day to reveal the mighty fourteen pages devoted to this minute spec of dust on the map of Africa. My one reader (hi, Mum) might also be wondering why I've chosen to come here. To be honest, I'm not sure myself. There is almost nothing here and even less of any interest. The journey however is fantastic. Back in Logiya it doesn't take long to flag down one of the army of lorries that monopolise the smoothly tarmacked road running into Djibouti. The change in mode of transport is nice and the elevated cab with its vast front windscreen offers spacious panoramic views of the landscape. Even this post-apocalyptic wasteland that we traverse is a surprisingly enjoyable break from the mountainous ... read more
The open road

Africa » Djibouti December 4th 2009

Djbouti, another country, another place that was not even on my list few months ago. Due to the fact that I was able to do a stop-over in Addis Ababa, why not go a little further. Addis to Djibouti is only 250usd return, just short of a hour flight. After my short night in Addis, here I am, my 80th country, and the 20th in which I dive. Not many flights here, and the airport is a small messy place, with an outrageous 60usd visa fee. Well, I guess this balance my free visa in Ethiopia. The plane is full of men, mainly in the military, or link to the military. You can see it clearly with all the uniforms at the airport. The airport itself is in the middle of a huge military base. Here ... read more
somewhere right in the middle between Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Yemen!
he is too big to fit in the frame!

Africa » Djibouti April 8th 2008

Djibouti is one of the smallest and most expensive countries in Africa. A small glass of beer in a restaurant cost $US7! At that price teetotalism seemed a very attractive prospect! I didn't get out of the capital city during my stay as I was concentrating on trying to get Visas. As a result I at least enjoyed the good (but expensive) cuisine in the restaurants. The good food is a result of the French colonial influence. The journey to Djibouti was an arduous trip. It started with a 3am start from the city of Dire Diwa in Ethiopia with a scrum to try and get a place on the bus. I won't forget seeing the driver chewing Khat - a stimulant and narcotic used by 90% of Somali men. The next day I tried to ... read more
Djibouti - European quarter
Djibouti port


Africa » Djibouti July 7th 2007

Untitled I got to Ethiopia just last week, on the Wednesday the 4th to be exact. A couple of days later, we set off to Djibouti for the weekend for an AU Conference. Djibouti, the city that is, is a wonderful city right on the water. However, it is probably the hottest place i have ever been to. Compared to Khartoum, the climate in humid, making it feel like a sauna. The city itself is very much a coastal city and has recently been privatized by the Emirates, giving it a slight Dubai feel. Sadly, it seem that the country is on its way to become a replica of Dubai. This would be great for the quality of life of the average person in Djibouti, but I am very much afraid the culture might be ... read more

Africa » Djibouti April 9th 2007

In our guide book we have read the following information: the daily cost in Djibouti was 3 times the other African countries, country had many foreigners and an strategical high tech sea port. With this information we imagined that would be a rich country, beautiful and clean (Higher cost of living) and easy to travel (many foreigners). But once we arrived, the big surprise. Even thought everything cost a fortune and people doesn't seam to realize the value of things (We went looking for hotels in Dikhil and, as we are used already, they offered a room if much higher price. But instead of being like Ethiopia that the price goes from 3 dollars to 6 for foreigners, he wanted to charge us US$150 a night for a room in a hotel with not even ... read more
High Tech port
Djibouti Airlines

Africa » Djibouti December 28th 2006

A month ago I was still in Djibouti enjoying my final days in Djibouti and right now Im already in another continent. What had happened in Djibouti was like a dream to me that I'll never forget........ read more
Then the reclaimation started...
And we started building the hotel....
Djibouti Palace Kempinski

Africa » Djibouti August 12th 2006

Again we have revisited the Lac Asal......... read more
Malaysian, Phillippino, Egyptian, Djiboutian and Indonesian at Lac Asal
Hot Spring nearby Lac Asal
Middle of nowhere

Africa » Djibouti July 15th 2006

The passangers from the Air France A340 crammed into the small terminal to wait for the baggage. To make matters worse, there were two conveyor belts, and you could not see both at the same time. There were a lot of soldiers on that flight, and a lot of camoflaged duffel bags unloaded from the plane. The night we arrived was the World Cup final. In Arta, we watched the game on the huge tv screen with a thousand or more people from the village. They ran around and cheered for both the French and the Italians. I sat on a rock and watched the entertainment by the light of the moon. During the day, the heat is oppressive and the fierce wind will suck away the sweat from underneath your clothes. As the sun goes ... read more
Khat Booths along the Road
Beer is Better
Cage for plants

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