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Africa » Cote d'Ivoire » South » Grand-Bassam May 7th 2012

Monday Day 51 We'd camped in a village not far beyond the border town and soon had a decent sized crowd gathered around us. Tents were pegged down in case the storm actually hit (it didn't) and cook team started setting up. Small things can excite us at this stage, like the prospect of meat for dinner after more than a week without due to weather and lack of ice but now we had ice and meat (and cold bottles of water!) and we sat around waiting. Usually there'd be more interaction with the locals but being bumped around and having to hold on and duck branches was draining so although maybe not much of an excuse, most sat quietly. Dinner was a delicious beef and rice stew and I went to bed soon after, desperate ... read more
Ready to go
Gorgeous scenery

Africa » Cote d'Ivoire August 14th 2009

So, nun nach ueber einem Monat in Liberia nochmal ein bisschen 'Abwechslung' hier im Blog, seit exakt einer Woche bin ich nun wieder unterwegs! Bis vorgestern Elfenbeinkueste, und nun Ghana. Der Flug von Monrovia nach Abidjan verlief abgesehen von einer 90min Verspaetung trotz nigerianischer Airline ereignislos, und am Flughafen hat schon Erikson, mein Couchsurfer auf mich gewartet. Luxus! Auf der Fahrt vom Flughafen zu seinem Appartment einmal quer durch die Stadt war ich ziemlich baff, es war dunkel und die Skyline, Neonreklamen-Schilder usw haben eher an Europa als an andere afrikanische Staedte erinnert. Auch wenn dieser Eindruch bei Tageslicht etwas relativiert wurde, war der Unterschied zu Monrovia doch erheblich. Ansonsten ist Abidjan riesig gross (irgendwas 3-5Mio), es gibt Autobahnen, Strassenlaternen, Villenviertel und eine relativ wohlhabende Mittelschicht. Das Appartment vo... read more

Africa » Cote d'Ivoire » South » Abidjan April 9th 2009

Hey All! Got another long one for ya! Grab a snack; you’ll be happy you did… Okay, the gloves are off, the warm-ups are over, and the time for sand bagging has just expired. I have less than forty days to see as much of West Africa as I possibly can…challenge accepted; let the April rush begin!! My first stop? The infamous ivory coast, Cote D’Ivoire! So, when building a team for my first out-of-the-country adventure, I felt that it was important to think about what qualities and abilities would best serve the group as a whole - The ability to speak French, the mathematical savvy for currency conversions, and a decisively diligent and well-organized planner. Fortunately, my team had all of that. Alyssa the French speaker, Jen the accountant and currency converter, and Aubrie the ... read more
Flags on the Beach
Street Signs
The St. Paul Cathedral

Africa » Cote d'Ivoire » South » Abidjan March 14th 2008

That's right...I went to the Ivory Coast! Was it a bit nuts, scary, sketchy and everything else you'd imagine it to be? DAMN STRAIGHT it was!! Heather, Christina and I decided to go to the Ivory Coast for 4 days - three girls, on our own - we knew it would be a bit sketch but as adventurous as we are we were up for it! Three of our other friends were going to go with us but then when they went to the embassy (US citizens don't need a visa but Alessandro is from Italy) they were told that US citizens DO need a visa. We didnt have enough time to apply so the there of us girls decided we would just head for the border (about 5 hours) and try to cross anyways. When ... read more

Africa » Cote d'Ivoire » South » Abidjan January 9th 2008

OCTOBER 2007 Well hello there…just had one of the strangest..most beautiful weeks of my life..and im going to tell you all about it… Last be exact..i was extremely worried that I would not get a visa to ivory coast because I had been in that stupid embassy about 9 times…sometimes my fault…but mostly theirs…closed..then don't accept applications..something wrong with my passport..not enough just understand nina huffing and puffing..most of the time ive been out the night before and 8 hours at work just is not appealing…but neither is sitting at an embassy waiting for it to open either..…and its really hot..i mean really hot..…oh well I got to get out of the office a bit…my office is airconditioned though which is not the case in the embassy….anyhoo…david and bodyguards decided to leave on ... read more
My Body Guards


Africa » Cote d'Ivoire » South » Grand-Bassam October 30th 2006

October 27: Headed to the chaotic Kaneshie station to find transportation to the west of Ghana en route to our ultimate destination: Cote d'Ivoire. Stopped for a quick lunch in the dirty port town of Takoradi before heading for the Ivorian border at Elubo. Like most border towns, Elubo is not a terribly pleasant place to linger: money changers hissed and yelled as we passed, waving handfulls of CFA Francs in the air; the dispossessed huddled under the corrogated tin roofs of delapidated buildings; and hustlers, pushers, and muggers patrolled the rough, unsurfaced roads. With the sunlight fleeting in late afternoon, we were forced to locate accommodation on the border: a place described as being "clean, comfortable and very affordable" by our guidebook. It was a dump. The receptionist, a boy probably no older than 12, ... read more
Ancien Bassam

Africa » Cote d'Ivoire August 30th 2006

After having spent three hours going through Guinea customs and immigration we arrived on the Ivory Coast side about an hour later. We past the first check point without a problem, they just glanced at our passport. At the second and main entry point though we were escorted inside the military police base. All the other people in the truck came and went quickly, but they just told us to wait. Finally the truck we came in, which was now waiting for us, unloaded our bags and went on their way. We were in the far north of Ivory Coast on our way to Odienne where we would be able to find transport to Man, that might be an interesting place to visit, and then on to Abidjan. The north of Ivory Coast is controlled by ... read more
At the market
Waterfall in Man
Beach in San Pedro

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