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Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente May 29th 2013

Sailing to Cape Verde We left the Canaries on Dec 15, 2011, and sailed to Sao Vicente in Cape Verde, and anchored at Mindelo on Dec 21. It took 6 days and for the first 5 days, the sail was very rough and nobody felt like eating much. I was very surprised that I was able to read my plant book, which has very small print, and felt fine during rough seas. We were going 10-14 knots with just the jib a bit rolled up, wind was around 35 knots and we had to roll in the jib a bit more for the autopilot to work. The boat made a record speed of 19.8 knots for a brief moment. I was on watch one night and it was all dark except for a light in the ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » Brava October 15th 2012

Author's note: Since this piece was written in 2007, Brava is now served by a modern 'Fast Ferry' which has made the island more accessable to the rest of the archipelago. But this story should give the reader an idea of how things "used to be." We weren't taking any chances. Checking out of Pensao Paulo, in the old crater town of Vila Nova Sintra, my wife, daughter and I caught a ride taking us down the narrow, winding mountain road to Furna, the port of the island of Brava. Being the most remote island in the Cape Verde's, we thought it prudent to hang in Furna and wait for the twice weekly ship to Brava to dock. Schedules are sketchy. The locals had given us all kinds of time frames for the arrival of ... read more
Vila Nova Sintra
Farol Praia

Africa » Cape Verde » Santiago September 21st 2012

21 February, 2012 Tarrafal, Cape Verde It was the first time I saw the shut door open. Curiosity was going to make this a late evening. Bracketed by walls of rock and mortar piled high enough to hide all behind it save for the top of a lone palm tree, there has never been anything notable on this quiet street in this quiet coastal town. Until tonight. A diadem of lights woven into the palm's crown blink red, orange, yellow and green. And the door's open. Hard soles and heels scuff cobblestone streets out from the shadows and towards the light cast by a single bulb over the door and the hand painted wooden sign above it : "5al Pedra & Cal". "Why not" I think and not for the last time this late February night. ... read more
Corpo da Paz
Praia de Presidente Tarrafal

Africa » Cape Verde January 30th 2012

Today we leave dunedin and have a four hour bus journey ahead of us to Te Anau. From there we are taking a boat tour around Milford Sound. Dunedin was goood and we took a tour around the Cadbury factory, but more importantly round its biggest brewry, where they give you half an hour in the free bar at the end!... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » Mindelo January 11th 2011

We received an interesting bit of news from the captain today. We will not be going to Recife, Brazil, because their immigration officials are suddenly demanding a $500 fee for each Filipino crew member aboard! Apparently it is just this particular state of Brazil that has come up with this corrupt policy, so we will go to Fortaleza, a port in the neighboring state, instead. According to our captain, Fortaleza is a nicer place anyway, with prettier beaches. Last night the cruise director interviewed our captain, Terje Ulset. He is about 43 years old, 6' 5", with red hair...and is hilarious! He followed a very rocky path to becoming a captain, including driving a truck in Norway for two years, and getting laid off -- twice -- as a deck hand when Norwegian crews were replaced ... read more


Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente May 20th 2010

Whenever we begin an ocean passage, I think of the early explorers and what thay must have thought as they began their journey to the unknown. Now crossing an ocean is a fairly common occurrence especially with the advent of GPS, radar and stabilizers. The weather is always unpredictable but modern day ships are better able to handle sudden storms and rough seas. This cruise across the Atlantic Ocean turned out to be the best weather-wise of our previous fifteen crossings. The southerly route and the time of year improve the chances for a smooth cruise. As the toast goes, we had “fair winds and following seas” all the way. To celebrate this passage we decided to have a dinner party for our Cruise Specialists group. We thought that another fancy meal would be a bit ... read more
Regent Staff Join in the Fun
The Margarita Bar
Larry & Dodi

Africa » Cape Verde May 2nd 2010

The night before our arrival at Cape Verde, we enjoyed a wonderful evening with our Cruise Specialists group, starting with a fun cocktail party on the back deck of La Veranda Restaurant. Folks were encouraged to wear something that represented one of the countries along the cruise. We then enjoyed a great dinner together in La Veranda, followed a fun evening of karaoke led by Jamie and Kevin. Doug even joined in the fun by doing the Beatles ‘Let It Be’. Not bad for the first time! We arrived at our Cape Verde dock at about 8:00am on the 2nd. We were signed up for the Mindelo City Walking Tour at 9:00. Unfortunately, it was early on Sunday morning and town was almost deserted, plus nothing was open. The tour involved being led by a college ... read more
Sheik Bruce
And Sheik Mike Too

Africa » Cape Verde » Fogo November 10th 2009

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