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August 8th 2010
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Next stop another game park, Chobe.
Chobe is the third largest national park in Botswana and has the highest concentration of elephants in Africa. We arrive late afternoon so only have time to set up camp and cook dinner. There is a bar at this camp and many of us are low on booze so we try it out. There is a South African freak in there, he seems to be some kind of personal trainer and has too much energy. He spends the whole evening running around and then performing dances/workouts for everyone, involving side blocks, duck and swerves and marching out, hilarious!
Another early start for our game drive, this time in an open sided truck. We leave at 5:45, before sunrise and take extra clothes for the cold. The girls are completely in their sleeping bags but we are still freezing. Not until well after the sun comes up do we defrost.
Turns out to be a great game viewing day and the drive along the river is amazing views and lots of hippos. At last I have a good close up photo of a Lilac Breasted Roller, my favourite bird.
After an afternoon nap where I almost get left behind, we are out again, this time in the truck to go for a sunset cruise. We of course take our own cooler full of booze and snacks... The boat cruises along the Chobe River and we stop at each of the banks metres away from the animals. Buffalo, sable, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, baboons and numerous birds. Very scenic and peaceful, well if it wasn't for our truck of drunks...
This evening is the Liz and Piggy drink-for-drink challenge, not sure what Piggy was thinking, no way she could win this. We also need to use all of our Pula as tomorrow we leave Botswana. So we have a Pula pool, mainly used on springbok shots, brilliant they taste like mint aero. Piggy is soon in a state and can't hold her head up, and she's smashed a shot glass under her bare feet. She gets carried to bed, and just collapses in the boudoir. Liz shows she is the winner by continuing to do shots of vodka. She later goes to bed with Meg, but shortly after laying down feels the tent spinning so then pukes all around it, hilarious. She is cleaned up and put to bed in the boudoir with piggy. Piggy then wakes in the night needing the toilet, upon returning she has no idea she came from the boudoir so squeezes in the main tent too. What a night of musical tents!

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